The Bonkers On All Levels 90's Movie

Demanding movie stars, a warlock, and a runaway director.
The Bonkers On All Levels 90's Movie

The 1996 film adaption of The Island of Dr. Moreau is a sci-fi horror movie about an island of animal-human hybrids, created by Dr. Moreau in an attempt to create a perfect being. Sounds pretty odd and strange, yet interesting enough for a movie, right? Well, it bombed, got terrible reviews, and multiple Razzie nominations. It was failure based on all metrics available. But if you worked on the movie, you probably already knew that was coming.

For as weird and hard to follow as the movie appeared to be, the behind the scenes stories are even more alarming. A director who was fired (in spite of a protective blood ritual) and a demanding star in the cast turned a 6-week shoot into a 6-month long nightmare. It turned out to be a more interesting topic for a movie than the movie itself.

Here's the story of how the filming of The Island of Dr. Moreau became an absolute dumpster fire:


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