17 Funny Tweets About People Being Trapped at Burning Man

17 Funny Tweets About People Being Trapped at Burning Man

In a scene seemingly ripped from the pages of a Mad Max spec script, 70,000 festival goers were stranded at Burning Man over the weekend. Torrential downpour swept through Black Rock City, Nevada, and hit the remote desert site with nearly two months of rain in just 24 hours. The heavy downpour resulted in severe muddy conditions likened to walking through quicksand and forced event organizers to impose shelter-in-place orders as it was nearly impossible for vehicles to drive through the thick mud. The massive flooding gave way to reports of waterlogged tents, backed-up Port-a-Potties and rumblings of an Ebola outbreak. While there were actually no confirmed cases, it’s pretty telling that so many people readily believed that Ebola could come out of the “radical self-reliance” festival.

Some famous faces even got caught up in the fray as comedian Chris Rock and DJ Diplo managed to escape the harrowing conditions on the back of a fan’s RV. This came after the unlikely duo spent hours trekking through the mud in an effort to flee the scene. 

By Monday, the driving ban was lifted, prompting a mass exodus from the event, but not before the titular effigy went up in flames. Although the weekend will certainly be a memorable one for everyone in attendance, Twitter users got to enjoy the madness from the comfort of their own homes, firing off some hilarious tweets about the stranded Burners in the process.

Thomas Falcigno @ThomasFalcigno 1d ... Joe Biden walking into the Burning Man briefing. 8 188 4,721 207K

Retro Coast @RetroCoast. 1d ... Escape From #BurningMan Only one man could get them out. 12 23 175 13.2K

Pepper Brooks @pepbrooksESPN.2d ... Live look at Burning Man festival goers receiving water from FEMA as 70,000 people are stranded in the desert and told to conserve water and food. CG 57 301 2,023 del 350K

Ben Rosen @ben_rosen2d ... my wife calls from burning man, she says she's trapped, she's unhappy, she wants out. yeah, then she told me how bad burning man was 158 4,517 43.4K 2.1M

Sam Morril @sammorril 2d ... Being trapped at Burning Man seems almost as bad as Soy MORRIL Same Time Tomorrow being trapped in a conversation with someone who went to Burning Man 335 5,139 54.3K 2.4M

Danny Armstrong @DArmstrong44-2 2d The CDC rolling into Burning Man to contain the Ebola: % C . 0:02 From reactions 317 1,423 11.5K 1.9M

rax 'leads with her crotch' king @RaxKingIs... 1d ... imagine being the person who had to explain to joe biden what burning man is philip lewis @Phil_Lewis_ 1d W.H. official: President Biden has been briefed on the situation at the Burning Man festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. 68 728 10.9K 1.1M

Kate @katelingenf . 2d ... Sorry, I can't hangout. I'm busy looking for every video of people miserable at burning man. 106 667 7,569 435K

Eden Dranger @Eden_Eats.2d live shot of me reading burning man tweets. 3 58 865 del 62.8K

Pizza Dad @Pizza_Dad.2d This year's burning man festival has everything. Music, Entertainment, 73000 people, Fire, Floods, Ebola 24 173 1,378 163K

inverted vibe curve: we were burgertown al... . 2d ... if I were marooned by flooding at burning man I would simply drive away in my cyber truck, which is waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, and can cross rivers, lakes & even seas that aren't too choppy, 12 227 3,691 157K

Criminalsimpsons @Criminalsimpson-2d Burning Man people right now FOMENT EBELLION 13 353 3,519 175K

rob delaney @robdelaney 2d Luxuriating in this tweet. Bathing in it really. Getting younger. CNN CNN @CNN.4 4d A 26-foot-tall wooden box was set ablaze at the Burning Man arts and music festival to reveal a secret monument hidden within: a giant steel phoenix representing the resilience of war-torn Ukraine. cnn.it/45v7K2w 18 47 1,193 226K

jay @denver_crank. 2d the burning man festival sounds like it's on FYRE! 20 138 1,190 126K

Skyler Higley @skyler_higley 1d Between burning man and Jimmy Buffett dying there's a specific type of white guy who is usually so relaxed that is suffering so much rn 2 101 1,513 50.4K

america's lounge singer @KrangTNelson 2d ... flying a plane over burning man to drop pamphlets that say you deserve this for your choices in life on the bedraggled attendees. psychological warfare is the key to demoralizing the enemy 26 647 8,138 312K

Mike Beauvais @MikeBeauvais 2d TORONTO Heavy rains at Burning Man in Nevada's Black Rock EVERYBASH Desert have created thick mud and impassable conditions, forcing festival goers to conserve food, water and fuel as they shelter in place. Many believe this is the worst edition of Burning Man since every other Burning Man. REIDUPDATE WEEKEND UPDATE 20 300 3,238 del 202K
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