21 Movie Scenes That Nobody Would Survive

21 Movie Scenes That Nobody Would Survive

Movies take creative license - we understand that. If movies were all carbon-copies of real life then they'd be not so much fun. Escapism is what we're after, a reprieve from the warp speed and difficulty of our lives.

However, when movies present a certain situation and expect you to believe it - that situation needs to have at least one toe in the this-makes-sense pool, and that’s not a huge ask. Often the mistakes come when they place characters in situations that just nobody, nobody could survive. And that kind of wet blankets the whole business. Us, we're just disappointed that the filmmakers thought they could skate by on whatever. You have big budgets and resources, and that's the best you came up with. Boo!

So here's a selection of times that Hollywood said, “Eh, good enough!” And it sure wasn't. The shame is theirs, and we’re doling it out. Let's jump right in!

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