The ‘Dune 2’ Comedy Remaster Is Even Better Than the OG Cut

The 72-second comedy cut of 'Dune 2' better make it onto the same awards nominations lists as the original
The ‘Dune 2’ Comedy Remaster Is Even Better Than the OG Cut

The makers of Dune 2 are too humble to say that the movie works as a comedy — all the more reason to believe that it does!

When the highly anticipated second installment of Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of the epic sci-fi novel series Dune released earlier this year, fans of both the Frank Herbert books and big-budget visual masterpiece movies were relieved to find that, just like Dune 1Dune 2 never once tried too hard to be funny with the kind of cloying, Joss Whedon-y quips that are annoyingly standard in action franchises, thanks to the colossal success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, what Dune and Dune 2 lack in Tumblr fan-fic-level banter they both make up for in genuine moments of humor from characters who weren’t winking at the camera when they made us laugh.

Even so, the Villeneuve Dune canon currently sits at a combined runtime of 5 hours and 21 minutes, which is an absolutely monstrous time commitment for anyone looking to catch up on the culture’s current favorite high sci-fi fantasy franchise. For fans of the aforementioned MCU, that’s far too many hours of desert shots between funny bits, so one crafty video editor decided to distill all of those moments down to 72 seconds — and he added some of his own, too. 

He is a Maker.

Now, for the price of an internet connection and zero dollars spent on premium Twitter, action-comedy fans can cut to the good parts of Dune without suffering through those boring movie elements like “themes” and “character development.” The only thing that's missing from the Dune comedy cut is a proper wise-cracking alien sidekick — maybe one that seemed like a frog was turned into a humanoid by a racist.


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