By Abraham Mireles, Tara Marie, and Nathan Wadowski

Why was a documentary crew filming the events of The Office for year after year, when they were in just kind of an average, run-of-the-mill workplace? How did Cypher get in and out of the Matrix without help? The answers are out there, if you know where to look.

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Why The Internet Is About To Change For The Worse

The Top 20 Cracked Articles Of 2017

By David Wong

Maybe the most important underreported story of the year, if you like using the internet at all. No, this isn't about Net Neutrality -- it's an unrelated but equally bad and stupid problem. A digital media crash is wiping out publications left and right. It's one reason we're offering paid subscriptions for an ad-free experience and other bonus stuff, while other sites are trying everything from paywalls to Wikipedia-style fundraisers.

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By Cedric Voets

Evangeline Lilly only agreed to be in The Hobbit if there was no love triangle, and then they added one anyway. Also, Mark Hamill wanted to do anything but be in a new Star Wars trilogy. Yes, even celebrities are but pawns in Hollywood's terrible game.

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By E. Reid Ross

Readers love to read about how actors have terrible lives! This one includes the striking story of how Groundhog Day changed Hollywood history by ruining the Bill Murray / Harold Ramis partnership forever.

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By JM McNab

We'll just quote this bit about The Little Mermaid:

"Based on what we know about other marine mammals, the only way mermaids could survive would be to have lots of blubber, hair, or both. These mammals would also have short appendages to reduce blood flow, meaning Ariel would quite literally be a hairy or obese mermaid with stubby arms, perhaps resembling something not unlike a demented walrus-potato-wig."

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By Chris Bucholz

This last season is when the series' two polar halves -- gritty realism and wondrous fantasy -- clashed in a way that, well, wasn't good. In a story that prided itself on subverting tropes and killing heroes, we're suddenly staring down the road toward what appears to be a very conventional climax. This is what happens when you don't meet your deadlines, George!

Chris Bucholz walks us through it.

7 Concepts We Totally Take For Granted, Like 'White People'

Life Magazine

By Nathan Kamal and Jordan Breeding

Did you know that "teenager" as a stage of life was invented around World War II? Seriously, nobody used the word before that. Did you know that nobody went to the beach for fun until the 18th century? It turns out that lots of fundamental elements of everyday life were just pulled out of somebody's ass, and fairly recently.

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