30 Nostalgia-Rich Things (That Can Also Make Us Feel Old)

30 Nostalgia-Rich Things (That Can Also Make Us Feel Old)

You know that self-righteous feeling you get around your parents, when they're cluelessly oblivious about movies, music, shows, or the modern world in general? It must be weird to be that old and obsolete. Or maybe you've started to experience it yourself - we sure have. The sun's not so quite in the sky on the stuff we grew up with, so while it's fun to look back it's also a constant reminder of the inexorable march we're all on to irrelevancy. 

That might have been a bit harsh. Actually, it was. Maybe you just feel a little older looking back at the past, and that's just fine. 

Well, hold that thought. We're here for you. With a little prodding from PJ7, we asked readers to tell us what made them feel like they're looking at youth in the rear-view mirror. Have a gander at their responses and see where you fall.


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