30 Weirdo Celebrity Connections

30 Weirdo Celebrity Connections

Hollywood celebs, can't live with'em because of their security details and can't live without'em because there's an entire economy built on them. Seriously, like a staggering amount of people make their living based on the celeb economy. Like we totally do, in some measure. So off we go with another installment of celebrity news and trivia. This time, though, we're getting pretty specific.

We already knew famous people like to kick it with each other, doing cool stuff like burning $100 bills, shooting their cars into space, and hunting poor people for fun. That’s just celebrity standard operating procedure. But what's weird about this is which famous people are connected to each other, and the ways they're intertwined. It happens far more often than you think - and we've unearthed 30 of the wildest for your general entertainment and edification.

History has given us some unlikely duos who chilled together. Check'em out.

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