History has a way of unraveling in winding ways. It's presented one way as fact, and then we find out years later that hold-up, it didn't exactly go down that way. “History is written by the victors,” is one way to put it, mildly. 

And this isn’t really surprising, when you think about it. The people in power want you to believe a certain narrative because surprise of all surprises, they come out looking great when it’s spun up that way. Good job, rotten person – way to fix it up so that you’re not a war criminal, you’re just an honest to goodness patriot. Tell that to the tribunal. Or not.

But as we’re all acutely aware, sometimes the truth is more complicated than whatever they cooked up, more strange and more shocking than we could have imagined. Read on to discover the absolutely jaw dropping tales of 30 famous people from our past.

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