There aren't as many comedy movies as there used to be, but that doesn't diminish our love for them, far from it. We actually love and appreciate them more. 

And often the stuff that goes on behind-the-scenes is just as funny as what happens onscreen. Making a movie with Bill Murray (once you know whether he'll show up or not) has to have its moments. 

Then there's the surprising things you learn that have nothing to do with comedy, onscreen or otherwise. As with all things, there's some serendipity and sadness sometimes. But a lot of the time it's just cool information.

Like it turns out there would be no Talladega Nights or Step Brothers without Molly Shannon. It was thanks to the SNL alumni that the comedy duo of Ferrell and Reilly first met each other. More on that and 29 other facts about some of our favorite comedy movies and shows:

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