5 Movies That Cause Gaping Plot Holes in Their Own Sequels

#2. Honey, I Blew Up the Kid Completely Forgets the Ending of the Previous Film

Walt Disney Pictures

Look, we don't want to hold a silly movie like this to some impossibly high standard of scientific rigor, but we do ask that the people producing any additional movies in a series take a couple of hours to watch the first one. Seriously: Just, like, rent it and leave it playing while you're writing the script or something.

So, despite the fact that there were a million grotesque ways it could have gone down, the first film manages to stick four powerless suburban minors through a shrink ray and then literally throw them out in the middle of a monster lawn. They defy both the laws of physics and lawnmower wrath in order to escape, even enslaving an ant instead of being mercilessly torn to shreds by its powerful pincers.

Walt Disney Pictures
By "ant" we of course mean "large Muppet."

But in the end they not only manage to make it all the way into Rick Moranis' cereal unharmed, but get unshrunk by the same shrink ray that miniaturized them to begin with. Everything ties itself up pretty neatly, all things considered.

But in the Sequel ...

In the movie's powerful, in-no-way-related-to-making-money sequel Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, we begin with Rick Moranis crazy as always and now working for a big company attempting to perfect a brand new ray. Their goal? Make one that enlarges shit as opposed to shrinking it. This is the entire point of the film ... despite this being something the old shrink ray did readily in the first film.

Walt Disney Pictures
Rick used the ray on his stash, and then forgot how it worked.

At the end of that movie, it's not like he has to jury-rig the machine to make his kids life-size again -- he just presses a freaking button and it's done. Boom, instant enlargening ray. And before you say "Maybe it can only bring things back to original sizes," check out what they're eating at the end of the first film:

Walt Disney Pictures
A delicious California condor?

Either everyone got amnesia between the first two films or the growth hormone industry really stepped up its game. Of course the latter still wouldn't account for the giant dog bone we see at the very end either.

Walt Disney Pictures
Awarded for not eating the children when he had the chance.

#1. The Entire Plot of Alien 3 Couldn't Possibly Have Happened

20th Century Fox

While the original Alien film managed to personify unimaginable horror of the unknown, the sequel took a different route by simply flamethrowering the shit out of unimaginable horror while Bill Paxton made illegal immigrant jokes in what is supposed to be 200 years in the future. Both have their merits, as Aliens gave us one of the series' most iconic villainesses:

20th Century Fox

Wait for it ...

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

Queen Alien! Ripley first faces this egg-laying hell beast while rescuing the little girl at the end of the second film, and when faced with the choice of either quietly walking away or being an ultimate badass, she goes ahead with the second choice by blowing up the nest, being chased by the Queen, and making a daring escape on the drop ship, mostly getting away.

20th Century Fox
Mostly ...

But in the Sequel ...

Alien 3 begins with Ripley, Hicks, Newt, and some of Bishop tucked safely in hypersleep aboard a ship with a certain undesirable +1 tagging along:

20th Century Fox
For a complete list of orifices this resembles, please see the comment section below.

That would be an egg from the defeated Queen in the previous film, having somehow secretly made it onto a ship that never touched down on the planet before. In fact, there's literally no moment in the second film that this could have happened -- we see the eggs blow up and the Queen detach from the egg sack and then chase Ripley to the ship, zero eggs in hand.

20th Century Fox
As you can clearly see from this inexplicable moment of jazz hands.

Presumably the Queen then made it into that stuck landing gear and stowed away until her Bishop-ripping reveal at the end of the second film. Thanks to Alien 3, somewhere along that trip she apparently learned how to hide giant eggs via sleight of hand, like some kind of slightly more tolerable David Blaine.

But hey, without this glaring plot hole, we would have never gotten Alien 3. So, totally worth it ... right?

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