Interesting Facts That Will Make Your Brain Purr

Know what your brain craves? Interesting, surprising facts. If your brain has been nipping at your pants leg and whimpering, we've got your back. We've compiled a list of objectively interesting, cool things for your gray cells to snack on.

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Toilet paper is more expensive when you're poor. Research found that a roll of toilet paper costs 5.9% more for poor people. When you can't afford to More: 5 Cruel Ways Being Poor Is Expensive


Interesting Facts That Will Make Your Brain PurrMore: 6 Beloved Memes With Disturbing Origin Stories


Country music was popularized by a Nazi quack. Back in the 1930s, Doctor John Brinkley had a radio station where he pushed phony remedies, praised HMore: The Drunk Nazi Surgeon Who Made Country Music Super Popular


George Washington tried to join the British navy. When Washington was 14, he almost changed the course of history by enlisting in the British Royal NaMore: 5 Insane Alternate Paths American Presidents Almost Took