30 Medical Facts You'll Swear Are B.S. (But Aren't)

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We like to think of modern-day medicine as being logical, sterile, and wrapped in smart-looking scrubs. But the truth is, there's a lot of patently disturbing stuff about doctors, hospitals, medical procedures, diseases, and the human body.

And we're not talking about the past, or extremely rare situations. We're talking about modern, run-of-the-mill medical stuff like ...

Entry by VictorCamo

Every year in the US at least 4,000 items are left inside patients after surgeryo In the medical world it is known as 9retained surgical items'. CRAC


Think all POOp stinks? Not to your mother. Scientists found that when mothers sniffed and rated various samples of baby poop, they reported that poop

Entry by Andrea Meno

Soldiers in an elite German unit are growing left breasts. In their drill, they're hitting that side of their chests with rifles over and over, and th

Entry by Hestutomo

Like any other organ, a cornea needs oxygen to function but has no blood vessel to supply it. TO make up for it, it gets oxygen directly from the air.

Entry by ERRiley

Chronic gamers make excellent surgeons. CRAU According to a 2007 study of students training to become surgeons, long time gamers performed up to 47% b

Doctors don't replace your kidney, during a kidney transplant. They add a third one, and transplant in a new ureter to hook it up.

Entry by masta_X

Women's brains are four years younger compared to men who are of the same age. According to researchers this is due to aan unexplained slower brain me

Entry by VictorCamo

Hospitals can prescribe alcohol to alcoholic patients! ROYAL ALEXROR ROYAL ALEXANDRA HOSPITAI KNL ETHANOL 401 ALEXANDO KOSPITRS ETHANOL 40% (45ML ETHA

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

CRACKEDCO COM Everyone has their own fingerprints. But your tongue also has a one-of-a-kind print. Because of its uniqueness, the tongue coulD be UseD

Entry by Hestutomo

Your liver has a superhuman ability to regrow. Donpr Recipient The liver can grow back its full size even after 75% of it is removed. When you donate

Entry by ERRiley

Most of us know that an adult skeleton has 206 bones, but did you know... am that we are born with over 300 bones? As we grow, some bones fuse togethe

Entry by sesu

Humans are genetically closer to cats than dogs. We share 90 % of our DNA with cats, but only 84% with dogs. Considering that most people would rather

Entry by VictorCamo

2000 people a yeare are treated for BRIsorP bagelrelated-injuries. CRaN People going to the emergency room from hurting themselves while cutting a bag


CRACKEDOOM The highest number of sweat glands are found on the soles of your feet. With 250,000 glands, it's no surprise that your feet stink!

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

GRACKED CO If a woman's heart tissue is damaged during pregnancy, her fetus will send stem cells to repair it.


we l0se our sense O smell when we sleep GRAGKEDCON


CRACKED0O If you lose a fingernail in an accident, it'll take about 6 months to grow back. But it will take three times as long if you lose a toenail


Guys: Doctors can take skin from your forearm and use it to increase the size of your penis. CRACKEDCON

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

Redheads are more sensitive to pain than people with brown, black, or blond hair. As a result, they require 20 percent more anesthesia than average to


Humans have a second brain, and it's located in guts. CRACH our A neural network comprised of 100 million neurons in our digestive tract is responsibl

Entry by WhiteCells

There's a thing as fecal transplantation. Fecal transplantation is done to replenish the bacteria normally found in the intestines that have been dest


CRACKED There is a link between low cholesterol and violent behavior. Studies have found that people who have low cholesterol levels were more likely

Entry by sesu

CRACKEDOOM Your heart mimics the music you're listening to. I According to studies, your heartbeat copies the tempo from the music you're listening to

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

Contralaterall lung transplantation is when someone needs a lung transplant, but the available organ is the left lung instead of the right. To make th

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

When you hold in a fart, the gas is eventually reabsorbed into your bloodstream. It is then released out the mouth through your breath instead of your

Entry by WhiteCells

CRACKEDC CON Your body houses trillions of microorganisms, 99 percent of which are unknown to science.


An estimated 75% of doctors who practice low-risk specialties will be sued for malpractice by the time they reach age 65. CRACKED COM In comparision,

Entry by Hestutomo

One in four orthopedic surgeons who have 25 years Of experience has performed surgery on the wrong limb at least once. CRACKEDCO COM

Entry by Hestutomo

We breathe out our weight. When someone loses weight, excess fat is not disposed with the feces as most people believe, but through our lungs as carbo

Entry by PookieJones

A handshake transfers more germs than a kiss. GRAGKEDDOON