I have a confession: I've recently fallen for free alternatives to the more popular streaming services. I've come to like the ones with linear channels, recreating the experience of being a teenager and just watching… whatever happens to be on TV, or admitting defeat because there's “nothing on.” The trade-off that comes with these services, of course, is commercials. Remember those? They're pretty wildly annoying… But did you know that they can also be tasteless or tone deaf? 

Who would have guessed that companies, who are mostly focused on just trying to sell you the damn thing that they make, sometimes take a big swing and make a big stupid miss. Not every example below is offensive, sometimes they're just mind numbingly stupid-- the kind of ad that worms your way into your brain, and make you want to do the exact opposite of make a purchase. 

Now that I'm mad at commercials again, it might be time to head back to an ad-free streaming service. 


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