Have you seen the Joel Schumacher Batman movies recently? ‘Batman Forever’ and ‘Batman & Robin’ were box office hits, sure, but fans were, to put it kindly, “a little bummed” to see their favorite comic book character treated like a joke a la the Adam West TV series. In the 90s, this was the only big budget version of Batman, and it felt like the mainstream wasn't “taking it seriously.” Since then we've had a number of different takes on Batman, with three actors since having played him theatrically, and not counting the absolute glut of animated works now on offer… and now it seem seems like that ONE OF MANY takes on Batman actually wasn't that bad, and maybe even kind of ruled and it's own way? The point is, time passes and things change. As culture moves on, sometimes it's worth reexamining a piece of pop culture that once we brushed under the rug. Here are some of our favorite examples of things worth another look. 

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