35 Surprising Movie and TV Firsts We Had No Clue About

35 Surprising Movie and TV Firsts We Had No Clue About

Toilet flushes, pregnancy, husbands and wives are sharing a bed-- these are all things that we see on a regular basis, but somebody had to do them first. In many cases, these things were actually quite controversial when they were first depicted onscreen. The flush toilet was invented in 1596, but it wasn't until the late 1800s that it started appearing in films. In 1901's 'Cinderella,' one of the first-ever animated films, the titular character is shown flushing a toilet-- though this scene was cut from later versions of the film due to its controversial nature. Pregnancy was another taboo subject that was frequently censored in early films. It wasn't until 1945's 'Leave Her to Heaven' that a pregnant woman was shown onscreen. The film caused such a stir that the Motion Picture Association of America introduced a new code limiting the depiction of pregnancy in films. And finally, there's the issue of husbands and wives sharing a bed. This might seem like a no-brainer today, but it was actually quite scandalous when it was first.

As you sit down to watch your favorite movie or TV show, have you ever stopped to think about the first time it was ever shown? It might surprise you to learn about some of the surprising and little-known movies and TV firsts that we had no clue about. Whether it's a groundbreaking moment in cinema history or just a bizarre coincidence, read on for some interesting tidbits!

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