30 General Now-You-Know Facts (They Didn’t Teach At School)

30 General Now-You-Know Facts (They Didn’t Teach At School)

Like Blink-182 said: School sucks (we know). Yea, there's the whole getting up early thing, bullies, homework and lame teachers. On top of that though, it's all the things that DON'T happen at school that really bum us out. For example think of all the radical now you know facts that they NEVER teach you in the hallowed halls of the public school system.

For example, you've probably wondered why all the Greek and Roman statues don't have any color – it's because the pigments faded over time, not because people in ancient times hated colors. 

We bet you didn't know about our boy Ken Allen, the orangutan (Ed note: hands down coolest of the great apes) who not only escaped multiple times from his zoo enclosure, but actually taught other animals how to escape as well.

Here's more about that and 29 other interesting tidbits about pop culture, art, science, and more: 

Ed Sheeran's childhood friend was financially struggling so he wrote Thinking Out Loud with her The song has since been streamed almost 2 billion times on Spotify and has gone triple platinum in the UK. She never has to worry about money again. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


Pluto was a planet for less than one of its own years Pluto's orbit takes 248 Earth years. It was only considered a planet for 76 years. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


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