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It's not super easy to get former nuclear missileers to talk. But our source had just been kicked out of the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command for reasons we'll explain momentarily.


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A Harrowing Tale Of Jury Duty Madness

At times, my account can get a little ugly, and it's occasionally frightening. But like America itself, it never stops trying to be both of those things.


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The 14 Greatest Jobs (That Can Never Exist)

Ninja, star fighter, rebel leader against an oppressive regime, the illest rapper alive -- we've all had dreams of being these at one point or the other.


6 Ways You Remember The Past (That Will Baffle Your Kids)

Nostalgia is generally a pleasant experience, but soon you're going to find yourself nostalgic for nostalgia, because nostalgia as we know it is dying off.


6 Terrible Travelers Who Turn Any Vacation Into A Nightmare

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16 People Who Made Fortunes From Things You Made Fun Of

It's easy to be derisive toward things we deem as dumb or subpar or belonging to unwashed philistines. But it turns out we should probably bite our high-falutin' tongues.