18 Stupid Scams You Can't Believe You Fell For

Schadenfreude or life lessons: Take your pick.
18 Stupid Scams You Can't Believe You Fell For

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Nobody likes to admit to being taken in by a scam, but in the interest of public service we asked our readers to tell us about their most gullible moments. They fell for it.

After watching a video on YouTube, saw a comment from the uploader about giving away gift cards. I quickly clicked the link in the comment, gave my em
I responded to a request for a paid ride on a local bulletin board. They offered $100 for a ride about GRAUN an hour South. When we got to his destina
Our mom bought me and my brother a genealogy report from an online service one year. It turned out we were distant relatives of some obscure royal fam
I was cashiering at my retail job when tech support called, saying they needed to run some tests on our computer system. They walked me through the st
I bought some fruit from a street vendor. I picked the ones I wanted and let him put them into a plastic bag. He then swapped the bag with one that wa
I recieved an e-mail: PayPal PayPal Your Account Access Is Limited. Dear customer, Your Account AcceSs Is Limited. Until We Hear From You To Update Yo
CRACKED COM A Buddhist monk approached me and performed religious gestures on me. He then fastened a Buddha bracelet around my wrist, and asked
E signed up for a free trial for a monthly subscription box for cat stuff EveN though you could cancel anytime, the only wayto cancel was to email t
18 Stupid Scams You Can't Believe You Fell For
0 was walking through town and a woman accidentally spilled her drink on me. She apologized and mopped me up and 0 declined her offer to pay CRAGh for
A guy approached me in a parking lot saying his car was out of gas and stuck on the road several miles away.l 0 gave him money to get gas at a nearby
I fell for an r-the-phone scam that went like this: Caller: Hi, do YOu recognize my voice? I thought her voice was my friend's, SO I said: Is this
While traveling by rail, a man in formal wear introduced himself to me as the ticket checker and fined me for allowing my tickets to get worn and da
When I worked for a now- bankrupt chain bookstore in the 90's, a man came to my register and purchased a $5 paperback with a $100 travelers check. I g
My daughters collect these dolls called L.O.L. SURPRISE. SERIES OL They are usually $10 each for the 4-inch JRISE! MIY & MATCH ACDET9OS NENA toys, so
My grandma One time a lived with us, salesman came to and she was our door and asked prone to buying for the money my things from grandma owed him tra
GRAGKSDOONT a moved in with a roommate I'd met on Craigslist, who already had an apartment. We split everything 50/50 and got along great. I didn't se
I pulled into a gas station and swiped my credit card at the pump. It took forever to get going and that's when the guy on the other side told me the
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