27 Strange Facts About Super-Popular Mascots

27 Strange Facts About Super-Popular Mascots

Advertising - it seems like the only time people actually go nuts for it is during the Super Bowl. For some reason, the stuff that usually makes us go “Ugh” magically becomes something we actively seek out and look forward to. It's just weird. And what does that say about the game when there's just as much hype around the ads as the contest itself.

Anyway. We’re getting a tad off track.

The reality is that companies spend an insane amount of time trying to hook that all-important sticky-little-fingers demographic and not just during the Super Bowl. Advertising takes no time off, but they do take their cues from good old fashioned storytelling. And good storytelling always has good characters. It has to, otherwise you’re out. The result of taking those character cues is that we have mascots in advertising, and those mascots continue to evolve and change in objectively bizarre ways.

For example ...

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