24 Double Standards That Prove We're All Hypocrites

24 Double Standards That Prove We're All Hypocrites

Hypocrisy is the worst. There's just nothing more obnoxious than some loudmouth shouting about how terrible other people are, all while being ten times as bad at the exact same thing. Especially you. And me.

Like it or not (and it should be “not”), we all have hypocrisies and adhere to a cultural double-standard or two. Or ten. Or in this Imageset's case, twenty-four.

We shouldn't shame people for double-standards, but we should call them out, for them and for ourselves, especially. Nobody is perfect but we should do less to cast judgment lest we be judged or whatever the Bible said about that. Hypocrisy sucks but it is a spectrum. Nobody is purely innocent from it, so we can only damn the guilty so much.

The overall point is, hypocritical or not, don't be a jerkbag and practice some empathy. Give yourself a little bit of a double-standardized test with these common hypocrisies down below.

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