20 Common Behaviors That Are Actually Super Creepy

You might be inadvertently creeping somebody out.
20 Common Behaviors That Are Actually Super Creepy

One thing we've learned from all the recent allegations is that people still seem to have no idea what's creepy and what isn't. So we asked readers to come up with common practices that they wish people would realize are super, super inappropriate.

This contest was suggested by PJ7, who has lost the ability to can.

nd E A d as People need to stop befriending someone they randomly meet (e.g as a waiter, mechanic, uber driver) on social media. Seriously. CRACKED.CO
Saying something like You should smile more! to somebody you barely know is not charming or cute. It's incredibly creepy, and that person will proba
No one enjoys getting stared at for a long time. (And yes, she knows that you've been staring at her for five minutes.)
GRAOTY Intentionally and conspicuously over-tipping is not only weird, but transparently creepy. e It doesn't matter if you're trying to impress your
Don't speak, don't glance over, EYES FORWARD. PLEASE Don't even do the polite head nod thing. CRACKED.GOM
CRACKEDG COM The two-handed handshake needs to go. It's like you're trapping the other person's hand.
CRACKED.COM Pressing someone to just have one drink after they've said NYo, is downright creepy. And their reasons why are none of your business.
I have shoes older than you. Joking with friends? Almost kinda funny. Teasing a stranger? Almost definitely creepy. CRACKED.COM
CRACKED.COM Jim, I called off my wedding because of you. IT'S TIME TO PUT THE KIBOSH ON BOLD PUBLIC DECLARATIONS OF LOVE They work great on TV shows a
CRACKED For some reason, when a woman is pregnant, random people think it's okay to walk up and rub her belly like it's a magic lamp. The state of bei
CRACKED Don't get a hug? Asking people one barely knows, Where's my hug? or Don't I get a hug? is not charming or cute. It's rude and creepy.
Telling a girl you just met that you think she's beautiful is nice. However, telling her that five more times in the next two minutes is just plain cr
CRACKED COM Taking pictures of strangers without their consent is unethical and could be dangerous, especially if the images find their way online.
I'd ask you out if I was single tells people three things. 1. You're not single. 2. They wouldn't go out with you. 3. You're a creep. CRACKED.COM
When a female server callsamalecustomer or honey? they may just be trying to make the experience personal... But that's just toO personal. Just ask th
EXIT Hitting on people at their work (e.g waiter, cashier, flight attendant) is very unacceptable as they don't really have the option to walk away. T
There is no reason to touch someone's tattoo, unless you're the artist and you're inking it. CRACKED.COM
(Insert race or nationality) girls like you look SO pretty... te ...is not a compliment. It's creepy and racist.
Creeping on strangers' Facebook profiles is so commonplace now that nobody even gives it a second thought. LET THE STALKING BEGIN! But unless you're a
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