To millennials, memes aren't something you own. They're like the air, or the moon, or houses. But boomers don't share that opinion and will plant their flag on any of those for a profit or bragging rights. That doesn't just include memes, but the very meme invented to destroy them: "OK, boomer."

"OK boomer," which is just "OK granddad" for people who also post guillotine gifs, has already had its moment. Just in time, then, for a bunch of boomers to try and monetize before their old-timer audience catches up. There already have been five or more trademarks being filed to claim ownership of the two word-phrase to use in clothing, stickers and even lectures -- likely on how to become rich trading in avocado futures.

But most ambitious of all has to be the trademark filed by none other Fox. Already the home of the Boomer Show (or whatever that Tim Allen vehicle's called) they seem to want to expand his purview by turning the meme into an "ongoing television series featuring reality competition, comedy and game shows." (And leave it to the boomers to do something boomer-y as trying to take control of a public domain catchphrase as a way to sell more ad space.)

Of course, "OK boomer" has been uttered so many times there's little to no chance that anyone gets to claim ownership of it, according to trademark lawyer Josh Gerben talking to The New York Times. But between the patent's pledge to actively develop a product around the meme and the filing itself, it seems that Fox is seriously in the market for a delightful, light entertainment show to make old millionaires feel even more superior to their struggling children and grandchildren. So if the OK Boomer meme trademark doesn't pan out, allow this Millenial freelance traitor to pitch some alternatives:

You're Killing Me: A comedy panel show where members of the Heritage Foundation try to guess which industry Millennials will kill next, and then publish that guesswork on Forbes (which, unbeknownst to the hosts, has already mutated from a veritable Boomer Bible into an unreadable pile of SEO-chasing word sludge).

How Do You Do, Fellow Kids: Equipped with only a scrunchy, Birkenstocks and a Hydro Flask, a 54-year-old publisher must infiltrate a local group of VSCO Girls and figure out what a VSCO is. (Is it an app? Is it a sex drug? How many TikToks is it worth?).

Not OK, Millennial: A gritty drama about righteous boomers taking up arms to cleanse the world of lazy, disrespectful millennial --- ah damn, that's already been done.

The Intern: A spin-off of The Apprentice, but the main prize is paid in exposure and, in the end, nobody gets hired.

Are You Smarter Than A 50-Year-Old?: Can six zoomers prove they're better than six boomers who were all smart enough to be born in a time when labor was drastically overvalued and the planet wasn't melting? Every week, the answer is no.

24: Reruns of 24.

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