27 Uncomfortable Questions About Food, Answered

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If there's one thing we've learned from culinary reality shows, it's that cooking is surprisingly complicated. And there are about 8,000 different sauces, all of which you're picturing wrong. So we asked our readers to help us feel less ignorant the next time we're perusing a menu and trying to figure out what in the heck to order.

Here's what they came up with:

Entry by Hestutomo

These are the three most MMa common kinds Of sushi: Lorem ipsu 'Sashimi' is technically not enim lac sushi, it's just fish fillets without anything el

Entry by LAJL

27 Uncomfortable Questions About Food, Answered

Grass-fed beef comes from COWS who live in pastures. Grain-fed beef comes from COWS who live in feed lots. In general, grass-fed beef contains less fa

Entry by Kalli

What's the difference between an infusion and a decoction? An infusion is made by soaking (steeping) herbs or other plants in hot water. Tea is an inf

Entry by Fermosalua3

Cafe Aw Lait is, simply put, the fancy French term for coffee with milk. Although it's pronounced the same way, it has nothing to do with -I Ithought

Entry by Andrea Meno

You were just served a plate of grilled shrimp. How do you eat one? 1. Twist off the head, then suck out what's inside it. 2. Use your fingers to peel

Entry by Kristina Yong

Let's understand sugars! Brown Sugar White Sugar Raw Sugar RAW SUGAR is processed sugarcane that contains natural nutrients and molasses. WHITE SUGAR

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED COM If you ask for a fork in a Chinese restaurant, will you be judged by the servers? Generally, no. According to Chinese restaurateur Janet Y


What is a grit, anyways? noun grit Grits are made grit of grit of sand) (as GRAVEL abrasives) from coarsely Definition SAND, aranule many sharp (as 1

Entry by LAJL

Sweetbread is not anything like the name suggests. It's actually made with meat from the thymus or pancreas, usually from veal, lamb, COW, or pig. CRA


CRACKED Broccoli Rabe is pronounced Broccoli Rob but has no relation to the vegetable! In fact, it's more closely related to the turnip

Entry by Hestutomo

ry-aging meat is done by hanging it in the open air at a temperature just above freezing for several weeks. DonecC Wet-aging is done by placing the me

Entry by LAJL

Braising is a cooking technique whereby meat is seared, and then some liquid is added, after which it is slowly cooked at low heat.

Entry by Kalli

You're on your first date, in a French restaurant. The chicken in wine, with mushrooms and strips of bacon, sounds delicious. How do you impress your

Entry by Scott Laffey

What the hell is pumpkin spice? The trendy flavor that has expanded beyond lattes to every food imaginable rarely includes anything even resembling a

Entry by LAJL

Ribeye and prime rib might come from the same part of a COW and have similar names, but they aren't the same. CHUCK RIB ROUND SHORT LOIN BOTTOM SIRLOI

Entry by LAJL

CRACKEDOON Bisque is a strained soup made with crustaceans. The shells are used as the base, and the meat is combined into the dish.


Why is caviar so expensive? The best caviar comes from quite a rare fish and it can take years for those fish to produce the eggs.

Entry by Scott Laffey

What is white rice enriched with and what the hell for? White rice is just brown rice with the cereal germ and bran layer removed. Turns out, the br


The small cup size in Starbucks is called tall because of how their menu changed over time. venti grande tall There were originally short, tall, and g

Entry by PookieJones

The difference between Wagyu and Kobe beef is all about the location. Wagyu is a Japanese breed that can be raised worldwide while Kobe cattle must be

Entry by Andrea Meno

What's the point of swirling your wine? It exposes the wine to the air, which releases more of the wine's aromas, and that changes its taste. If your

Entry by Andrea Meno

What is whole grain and why is it healthy? Germ Endosperm Bran All grains (like rice, wheat, and corn) have three parts: the bran, the germ, and the e

Entry by Hestutomo

Both Latte and Cappucino are made with espresso, milk, and frothed milk foam, the difference lies in the proportion. Consectetu VS CAPPUCCINO LATTE ES


Still don't know the difference between jellies, jams, and preserves? Jellies are made only with the fruit's juice, and the solids are discarded, jams

Entry by PookieJones

APPETIZERS, DECODED Hors d'oeuvres VS. Amuse-Bouche Do not complement Served as an introduction the main to the chef's cooking style. course. Canapes

Entry by Andrea Meno

What's the difference between an omelet and a frittata? Omelet Frittata If you're making a frittata, you mix the eggs, cream, and any fillings before