26 Uncomfortable Questions About Food, Answered

26 Uncomfortable Questions About Food, Answered

If there are two things we've learned from culinary reality shows, it's to NEVER attempt making ice cream on Chopped and that cooking in general is surprisingly complicated. In the past, our readers have dispelled plenty of myths about the science behind food, and given us ingenious shortcuts we wouldn't have thought of without them (like how to tell if your eggs have gone bad before cracking them). And so, we asked our readers to help us feel less ignorant. Thanks to them, we learned about the differences between a decoction and an infusion, and what vegetable broccoli rabe is related to (Spoiler: it's not broccoli!). The next time we're perusing a menu and trying to figure out what in the heck to order, or how to pronounce the name of a dish like Coq au Vin, we'll be armed with this knowledge. 

Here's the information they blew our minds with:

What is a grit, anyways? noun grit Grits are made grit of grit of sand) (as GRAVEL abrasives) from coarsely Definition SAND, aranule many sharp (as 1

CRACKED Broccoli Rabe is pronounced Broccoli Rob but has no relation to the vegetable! In fact, it's more closely related to the turnip
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