23 Ingenious Food And Cooking Shortcuts

You'll pretty much be the next Gordon Ramsay after reading this -- complete with excessive swearing.
23 Ingenious Food And Cooking Shortcuts

If you've ever burned down an apartment heating up a cup of Kraft Easy Mac because you left a spoon in it, you aren't alone. But cooking doesn't have to be so deadly -- and we've got some tips that'll help keep your home and eyebrows intact.

Pretty much you'll be the next Gordon Ramsay after reading this -- complete with excessive swearing.

How To Tell If Your Eggs Are Still Edible: Put them into a glass of water; if they sink, they're fresh, but if they float, they might not be edible. C
CRACKEDco Like the flavor of spicy food, but can't take the heat? Remove the seeds and devein chilies before adding to a recipe for a milder dish.
f adding salt isn't helping your dish, try using a little acid. Vinegar, wine, citric acid or tomatoes will bring brightness by creating balance and r
Don't throw out your pasta water! Save some and add it to the sauces The starchy water absorbs more flavor and will stick to the pasta better, essenti
Swirling wine enhances its flavor. Swirling aerates the wine allowing oxygen to bind with aromatics unlocking its unique flavors. It also causes I-sme
hAcom To make waffles that don't stick to the waffle iron or split down the middle, let the waffle iron heat completely before adding the batter, and
CRACKEDCON If your broccoli florets go limp put them in ice water to chill for an hour they will crisp uP again This works for other vegetables too, l
23 Ingenious Food And Cooking Shortcuts
While deep-frying, don't just release your food into the oil! Food dropped in a deep fryer often goes straight to the bottom, where the batter might c
When seruing a dish containing raw onions, soak them for 10-15 minutes in ice water ahead of time. This will mellow the flauor and make them more pala
IS YOUR SHRIMP NICELY COOKED? THE SECRET'S IN THE TAIL! Push the tail back against its curvature and it should immediately return to its natural posit
CRACKEDCON Pat meats dry before searing. This preuents steaming and aids the formation of a good crust.
Prevent peeled/sliced potatoes from turning brown by submerging them in cold watero As long as they're refrigerated, this can prevent discoloration ev
Fresh herbs are less potent than dry herbs. They can be used interchangeably if you're in a pinch, but you have to do some math. If the recipe calls f
23 Ingenious Food And Cooking Shortcuts
IT'S BETTER TO STORE SPICES IN A COOL, DARK PLACE If CRACKED.COM spices are exposed to humidity, light, and heat, they will lose their flavor
Retain the chewy texture of your fried rice by letting the rice cool off ahead of time. Cooking with hot, fresh rice will only make it soggy.
Season dishes from a height of about a foot. CRAON This allows for a more even coverage and reduces the need to stir the dish.
To pick the perfect watermelon, look for: A creamy yellowish GOOD THE BEST field spot Webbing. The more webbing, the more pollinated the fruit is an
CRACKEDCON To make sure that your fish is properly 3 cooked, 2 measure it at B LE E SZ  t its thickest point. Cook it for ten minutes per inch. Rememb
23 Ingenious Food And Cooking Shortcuts
23 Ingenious Food And Cooking Shortcuts
CRAE For chewy, more flavorful cookies, use chilled ingredients and refrigerate your dough before baking. efoycashiss 30 m'in Go 0 min This keeps the


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