If Error Messages Had a Sense of Humor

Most of us probably read more words written in error messages than we do from members of our family. That's almost certainly true for your parents, both because you're an ungrateful good-for-nothing, and because your parents are probably terrible at computers. We asked you to give some common error messages a little personality.

The winners is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by E.H.Redlum

facebook Sarch Cindy Smith Wor Sorry, an error has occured. Emp We're attempting to figure out why you're a dog. Wall High Info Photo Friends CRACKED.

Entry by sexyrobot

If Error Messages Had a Sense of Humor

Entry by jengel14

CRACKED.cOM twitter Twitter is currently over capacity. Please consider one of our alternate options. If you wanted topost a personal anecdote that no

Entry by Perusse

If Error Messages Had a Sense of Humor

Entry by AzISeeIt

If Error Messages Had a Sense of Humor


) Unable to connect to preferred wireless network X Windows was unable to connect to the wireless network because.... listen, I could try and explain

Entry by AM Smiley

File Edit View Tools Window Help 1:1 BB 100% Memo L 2 3 Spell Check: English (United States) x Not In Dictionary: potentialize Change Change To: Ignor

Entry by Ted E.

W JH Mo $615 ee Program Error 930 The program Monopoly.exe has encountered a serious problem and is contemplating flipping this board over 3 You are a

Entry by JimC.

My Docurarte Dise HEVI ISTEN TH M HEY! LISTEN! HEY! LISTEN! Listen tiste HEY! LISTEN! Listen HEY! LISTEN! Vote soce wred Listee Wrddoey HEY! LISTEN! C

Entry by ZedRage

CRACKED.COM 7006 KISS IT. SUCK IT. LICK THAT ASS!!! TTck Alterlion virus of whanedd otootam X Hey... you know those websites you were on last night? Y


Error What did the laptop say to the dentist? My bluetooth hurts! No, but seriously, that albino midget pom is ridden with malware, maybe you should t

Entry by Tim Babb

xX BUGCODE USB DRIVER An unexpected error occurred: As opposed to all those errors I was expecting to make. Oh I planned to erase your files in about


Telstra 11:54 AM Siri I need to hide a body I hope it's for that dead-beat bitch of a wife of yours. What kind of place are you looking for? mines sw


Windows Meda Plyer X Now Playing Library Rid Bumn Windowe Media Player X Windows Media Player cannot play this illegally downloaded file. An automatic

Entry by Riggedmuffin

CRACKED COM Vle Media Player Your computer has detected that you listening to Pink Floyd. are Dispense joint? Yes Yes Fuck Yes

Entry by Parasite138


Entry by OMGitsME

Critical System Failure x X Error! A required Dik4 file was not found What is a Dik4? CRACKEDH

Entry by mhensch

If Error Messages Had a Sense of Humor

Entry by mhensch

System Protection x You are going to die. Just reminding you. OK CRACKED.HOM

Entry by Manx MacReady

Las Salect F Andis Hele CRACKED Com OHENI Adobe Photoshop CSA X Due to an unexpected error, Photoshop has saved mustaches to all photos in the folder,

Entry by Manx MacReady

If Error Messages Had a Sense of Humor

Entry by Jungling

Installer Information x What has two thumbs and cannot complete the current operation? THIS GUY! CRACKED.COM

Entry by Jungling

CRACKED.cOM Take a seat for me. What are you doing here tonight? (Remember- have the chat logs.) I'm Sorry Just Meeting A Friend Are You Her Dad?

Entry by Jesse Clark

Keyboard Error X You still haven't cleaned out the Cheez-lt crumbs from in between the keys. JJust sayin.' Okay. CRACKED.COM

Entry by Jesse Clark

Loser Says What X X Cancel What CRACKEDIHON

Entry by JadeEyes

WEBPAGE ERROR X X Your selected username mypenis is too short. Please stop buffering your ego and choose a better one! F#K YOU!! Sorry... CRACKED.CO

Entry by j21

If Error Messages Had a Sense of Humor

Entry by I_Am_TCM

CRACKED.C Parental Alert System X Mouse is now turned off. Click Ok to turn back on. OK

Entry by GoodDoctorB

Multiple Netflix Tabs Error Code: N8008 You're trying to watch movies on more than one computer. aren't you? AREN'T YOU?! Look at mel We had an agreem

Entry by Randall Marsh

Syncing -Goldeadar's Phonet IStep of Backing UD Sumimary Info Apos Musie Movies TV Shows Podcasts Photes hone Name: Gold Leader's iPhone Capacity: 144

Entry by Games4me

If Error Messages Had a Sense of Humor

Entry by craysor

CRACRED COm 0.2- Michigan Ave 111 RECALCULATING-. RECALCULATING- RECALCULATING. RECAL- oh for God's sake. Screw you. I'm done. Find your OWn way throu

Entry by bazooka

System Fu Bar X Choose a recovery tool Operating system: Windows 129999 Insanity Keep trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different r

Entry by cfcilldara

Non-Specific Error X L fucked up. Your guess is as good as mine CRACKEDLG COII


ADORE TSTAT C55. CRACKED.coM Activation Adbe I see you decided not to pay for this. The serial number you illegally generated dido'' ork properly: 103

Entry by AM Smiley

CRACKED.cOM OISCOElI Low BatteryWaming X Your battery power is low (6%). How about grabbing my power cable the next time you grab yourseir a mixing bo

Entry by Manx MacReady

Troubleshooting has completed CRACKED COM Troubleshooting was unable to automatically fix all of the issues found. You can find more details below. Pr