The “Baron” Julius Alexander von Brunk was first brought onto this planet eons ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth. When it was determined that he was much too dangerous and powerful to cohabitate with God’s newest creation [man], he was obliterated in a powerful flood. In present day Pennsylvania, his fossilized remains were soon discovered by a crack team of scientists and underpaid undocumented migrant workers. Using DNA from semen found in a bowl of chili employed through state-of-the-art Michael Crichton pseudo science, he was resurrected into the human form as we know today. Julius now has one goal in his never-ending quest: To disrupt and vanquish all humanity in order to violently unravel the fabric of society. Armed with his mighty Sword of Justice, aided by the mystical Lantern of Justice and protected by his loyal feline servant Tiggs the Elder, our hero now rides out into the heart of this very civilization as we know it to bring siege and terror to the cities of man. None shall be spared from the wrath of this unstoppable man-god with sideburns and foreskin. The end is nigh!

He also owns a minifridge.

Check out his bizarre and amusing website full of LEGO bricks, art, designs, and sideburns:


Or, if you're lazy and would like to simply bypass it all and check out his awesome custom LEGO models themselves -- including his Super Mario 3 airship and Game Boy / Transformers mashup, go straight to his Tumblr page!


Yule love it!

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