31 Random Facts For Hungry Brains to Gobble

31 Random Facts For Hungry Brains to Gobble

Needing to know what you're in for is for cowards. What happened to the brave folks out there who wade into internet fact compilations with no idea what they could possibly learn. These are the daredevils who don't need some sort of broad uniting fact theme to comfort them while they kill time in the bathroom, or wait for a Tinder date to show up at the bar. No, they're ready to wade into the rough waters and ready to learn whatever fun facts bob in front of them in an infinite ocean of moderately interesting content. 

If that's you, interesting things await below! We have facts about Superman: The Movie, an ill-fated attempt to bring Batman to broadway, the real meaning of the Bee Gees famous song ‘Stayin’ Alive', and how a squeegee ended up an unsung hero for an elevator full of people during 9/11. All this and more for those who read on! 

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