36 Animal Facts That Prove Animals Are Freaking Weird

36 Animal Facts That Prove Animals Are Freaking Weird

Animals are everywhere, and often, adorable as hell. That sometimes makes us forget how freaking weird they are. Take the Slow Loris – cute name, huge eyes, poisonous armpits. And what's cuter than a koala? We'll tell you what: a baby koala. Well, if it's true that you are what you eat, then joeys are… poop. Don't even get us started on cute insects like ladybugs (cannibals!) and butterflies (freakin' vampires!). 

God -- if you're still inclined to believe in a just and loving God -- has bestowed some of his creations with awesome powers. On one hand, you've got the mighty shark, who can regrow its teeth. On the other end of the spectrum, armadillos have been granted the power to… spread leprosy. That's a super power it shares only with the putrid human.

Mankind is more of a spectator to the horrors of nature, these days, rather than a victim. Other species aren't so lucky. For example, the innocent baby seal is at the mercy of seagulls – who will eat its eyeballs out of its head – and otters – who will …romance them to death, given the opportunity.

All that and more below!

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