25 Movie Moments That Took Crazy Loads Of Work

25 Movie Moments That Took Crazy Loads Of Work

You ever start on something and it's going fine and all, but then all of a sudden you run into something that takes forever that you didn't anticipate? Yeah, us too. It’s quite an eye-opening moment because you budgeted this much time and maybe money for this and that and then this becomes that-which-takes-forever and you’re like, “uh oh.”

But you soldier on and get the job done, because that's what you do. You're a finisher. And hopefully, all the hard work on that one thing was worth it, and you sleep well that night. We also know the opposite is often true: whatever took forever didn't pan out and forever is a mighty long time.

It’s like that in Hollywood, too. Acting is easy. You turn on the camera and do some pretending, then you sit back and watch the Oscars roll in, right? Well, as it turns out, sometimes stuff that should be slam-dunk simple turns out to be weirdly complicated behind the scenes.

For example ...

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