34 Very Devastating Insults Lobbed At And By Famous Folks

34 Very Devastating Insults Lobbed At And By Famous Folks

With the correct retort, you'll come across as wittier and (potentially) more debonair. It will serve as a warning to your adversaries not to mess with you, lest they risk a sound verbal thrashing. This will make you look powerful. Intimidating even. 

The thing is, we all love to rib our pals. But when things go to far, it’s best to have some pre-loaded, devastating insults up your sleeve. Here are some of history's best insults for destroying your adversaries or, more importantly, your best friends.

Historically, mudslinging has seen eras of total refinement. Today's zingers lack the elegance and humor of past insults and they sure don't deliver the serious gratification of visualizing your historical textbook’s most important and revered characters getting down and dirty with a little linguistic warfare. We've uncovered some of history's most ruthless rebukes, demonstrating exactly how cruel history's greatest could be.

You should avoid offending well-known comedians, filmmakers, or even playwrights since they will verbally smash you. Here are 34 people who have delivered absolute sick burns throughout history:

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