29 Trivia Tidbits About The Financial World

29 Trivia Tidbits About The Financial World

The world of money and finance can often seem alien, obtuse and arcane. Filled with tiny gremlins riding strange minecarts through endless vaults filled with gold. Oh wait, sorry, we're just thinking of Gringotts and Harry Potter. Weird. 

The fact is, he world of finance is filled with some wild facts.

Ever wondered how much it would cost to purchase every product from a Vogue magazine? Well, we have good news and bad news. Good news: someone actually did the math on how much it would cost. Bad news: it's not something any of us could ever afford. Let's take a look at that and 28 interesting facts about prices, finances, and money in general.

For example, a man once made over a million dollars selling ‘pet rocks’ to the public. To be fair, they required no food, water or walking. Owners could throw them away in disgust when they realized they been fooled into buying a literal rock.

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