43 Famously Cringey Social Media Gaffes

43 Famously Cringey Social Media Gaffes

We've all got them: particular items on our social media feeds that get under our skin.  The fact is, social media is a web-based reality show in and of itself. Most people view it as a game and a unique type of entertainment. 

The majority of social media posts aren't made with the intention of becoming famous or cringeworthy... nevertheless, here we are! Take this lesson as an opportunity to rethink your tweets and facebook posts about the (mis)management of your local little league team. 

We've all embarrassed ourselves on social, but the fact is some of these are really over the top. There's something even more satisfying then these gaffes are committed by soulless brands with entire social media teams dedicated to sounding like human beings while still hitting KPI's and sounding satisfying marketing managers hungry for those sweet, sweet clicks.

What do you think? Keep scrolling down to learn and observe more…

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