15 Movies With Very Well-Hidden Jokes

If you were wondering why Arnie had a box of roses, of all things, in T2 -- wonder no more. It's basically an elaborate pun. Here's the full story, plus 12 others:


Terminator 2's hallway shootout is actually a nod to Guns'n'Roses. The band let the filmmakers use You Could Be Mine as the theme song, so, as a ton

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The name of Syndrome's island in The Incredibles is a joke. It's Nomanisan, which sounds like a typical exotic island name until you take it apart t

Source: 5 Brilliant Puns That Movies Hid In Plain Sight


Batman Forever has a jab at Tim Burton. Arkham Asylum has a Dr. Burton who shows up now and again, giving Two-Face and Riddler the diagnosis of cra

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Iron Man has a Jeff Bridges in-joke. Vessel MSC LEBOWSKI Voyage V175-B Orign Port Departure Dase 05/19/07 LONG BEACH Pne of Dscharge Amival Date KARAC

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The names of the fake movies in Gremlins are an in-joke for Steven Spielberg. A BOYS LIFE WATCH THE SKIES Watch the Skies was the working title for Cl

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In Captain Marvel, Stan Lee is preparing for his Malirats cameo. Mrllrkts The movie is set in 1995, and he's reading the Mallrats script - - which cam

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In Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Jorma Taccone watching The Parent Trap is a multilayered joke. He's supposed to be watching the movie, which is

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In Independence Day, Jeff Goldblum's line Must go faster! Must go faster! during the mothership escape is an in-joke. He says the exact same thing a

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Shaun of the Dead has a reference to Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's TV shoW Spaced. AMIEA In Spaced, he played Tyres O'Flaherty- and in Shaun of the De

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Liar Liar has a surprising Jim Carrey cameo. At one point, Carrey shows up in the background as Fire Marshall Bill, his character from the sketch seri

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In The Blair Witch Project, Heather calling Josh Mr. Punctuality is a jab at him for being super late for shooting that day.

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When Marty mentions Clint Eastwood in Back to the Future 3, he's standing next to the poster for Eastwood's first movie. G AR REVEXGE CREATURE It's Re

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The Space title card in Avengers: Infinity War is the Russo brothers making fun of their own habit of putting up title cards all the time. SPACE

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