15 Movies With Apex-Level Hidden Jokes

15 Movies With Apex-Level Hidden Jokes

A terrific joke inside a comedy series can be surpassed by a hidden hoke in a film that is otherwise entirely serious. In some respects, a bit of humor in a tragedy is more enjoyable since it comes as such a surprise. We anticipate laughing when we witness a comedy, so we're sometimes irritated if the jokes do not even come fast and furiously. However, a joke amid a drama or horror flick, particularly also with a lot of emotion or nail-biting situations, provides everyone with a reprieve from anxiety and stressful emotions.

If you've ever wondered why Arnie had a box of flowers in T2, well, now you know. It's essentially a complex pun: below are our favorite comedic moments, gags, or one-liners from films that are otherwise somber (or at least primarily severe). Check out some fo the greatest movie jokes of all time for more zingers featuring your favorite Hollywood performers.

The Space title card in Avengers: Infinity War is the Russo brothers making fun of their own habit of putting up title cards all the time. SPACE

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