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Jon Ossoff Leads Georgia Runoff Race, Could Be America's First Anime Fan Senator

Moral of the story? Scour your Twitter before running for senate, folks!


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Some Monster Decided To Air Fry A Hot Dog For Two Hours

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Michael Flynn Now Peddles Dumb Conspiracy Merch on Twitter

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5 Good News Stories That 2021 May Bring

2021 may shape up to be a happier one.


10 Strange, Commemorative Monolith Items That Now Apparently Exist

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Boston Dynamics' Robots Can Probably Destroy Us All -- In A Dance Battle

The A.I. apocalypse will now be a dance battle.


5 Garbage Trends That We Need To Leave Behind In 2021

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Why Are British Celebs Such Complete Jerks To Trans People?

Why do rich famous liberal Brits waste their time and reputations attacking trans people for idiotic reasons?