13 Bits of Trivia the Likes of Which We Doubt We Should Ever See Again

13 Bits of Trivia the Likes of Which We Doubt We Should Ever See Again

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They say that money makes the world go round, and it’s true - but the world is a lot more complex than that. We can’t just throw money at a problem and expect it to be solved. It takes a lot of hard work and thought to make a difference, and even then, sometimes it’s all for naught ... as some of the people in some of these stories have learned.

From the UK government investing in a super-computer to Ohio’s controversial bill, to a lack of regulations for octopus farms, to Silicon Valley Bank’s hiring practices, to the Taliban fighters getting fed up with bureaucracy, to Mexico’s President’s solution to the opioid crisis, to South Carolina’s proposed death penalty for abortion, to the 75-year-old man caught looking at child porn… This list covers a wide variety of topics that all have one thing in common: they all demonstrate the complexity, and total bonkers weirdness, of the world we live in. 

Old habits die hard.

75-YEAR-OLD CAUGHT RED-HANDED LOOKING AT CHILD PORN. A 75-year-old man in Gainesville, Georgia was taken into custody after deputies discovered he was looking at pictures of child pornography on his computer-while they were searching his house for child pornography. CRACKED

Hall County Sheriff's Office

WSB-TV Channel 2

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