15 Positive Headlines That Make Us Cautiously Optimistic For The Future

15 Positive Headlines That Make Us Cautiously Optimistic For The Future

As the world continues to evolve, it's kinda becoming increasingly clear that the solutions to the most pressing problems of our time must come from all corners of society. From the rich to the poor, from the young to the old, from the powerful to the powerless, the solutions that will drive us forward are those that are born out of collaboration, creativity, and courage. 

This list is a testament to the power of the human spirit, a collection of stories of people who have risen to the challenge of finding solutions to the world's most pressing issues. From OnlyFans stars using their wealth to house the less fortunate to French workers staging Robin Hood protests to provide free gas and electricity to those in need, to a nine-year-old who was honored at Yale for her work, these stories demonstrate the power of collective action to bring about meaningful change. 

Brandon Tsay, heroically honored.

CRACKED A MAN WHO DISARMED A SHOOTER IS BEING HONORED FOR HIS BRAVERY WITH A MEDAL. Alhambra, CA, is hosting its Lunar New Year festival a week after the mass shooting there, and they'll honor Brandon Tsay, who disarmed the gunman in the shooting. Tsay is scheduled to get a medal of courage from the police and other recognitions. 2019 AMB NIEV


Bike-loving Netherlands takes two cities to... new depths.

CRACKED THE NETHERLANDS IS so PROGRESSIVE THAT EVEN THEIR BIKE GARAGES ARE UNDERWATER. The Netherlands is pioneering people-friendly cities, like Amsterdam and Utrecht, with huge underwater bike garages planned. Data shows lots of people in both cities ride bikes daily.

The Verge 

Campbell Johnstone: making history.

CRACKED CAMPBELL JOHNSTONE MADE HISTORY BY BEING THE FIRST OPENLY GAY ALL BLACKS PLAYER. Campbell Johnstone is the first openly gay player who played in the All Blacks, New Zealand's national rugby union team. Не had played for the All Blacks in 2005 and had told some teammates and family then, but hadn't come out. ВО PASA H-FINALE

Sky Sports

The power of teamwork.

CRACKED ONE HIGH SCHOOLER'S LIFE WAS CHANGED BY A GROUP OF CREATIVE STUDENTS WHO MADE HIM A PROSTHETIC HAND. Tennessean Sergio Peralta started high school trying to hide a hand that hadn't formed. But a teacher found out and his classmates built him a prosthetic with a 3D printer. For the first time, he could catch a baseball with his right hand. Senior Prake?? Jake PIS for vote mell! tany Д


Bobbi Wilson, aged nine, was honored at Yale.

CRACKED NINE-YEAR-OLD BOBBI WILSON HAS ALREADY ACHIEVED MORE THAN MOST OF US WILL IN OUR LIFETIMES. Bobbi Wilson, who made headlines when cops were called on her while she was trying to get rid of spotted lanternflies in her neighborhood, was honored at Yale for her work. She donated her lanternfly collection to Yale's Peabody Museum, and it'll be named after her. Yale Yale SCHOOL SCHOOL OF PUBLIC OF PUBLIC HEALTH HEALTH Ya Vale Yale OOL SCHOOL SCH OF PUBLIC OF BLIC HEALTH H Yale Yale SCHOOL SCHOOL OF PUBLIC OF PUBLIC HEALTH


Walmart's catching up.

CRACKED WALMART'S FINALLY CATCHING UP TO THE U.S. AVERAGE PAY. Walmart's raising its minimum wage to $14 an hour, a 17% jump, and the U.S. average hourly wage is over $17.50. Watman MARTINA

CNBC / Walmart 

Goonies fanatics, rejoice: the house is here to stay.

CRACKED THE OWNER OF THE GOONIES HOUSE HAS THE FANS' BACK. Behman Zakeri owns the Astoria home where The Goonies was filmed in 1985. Не lives in Kansas City and isn't moving in - he plans to keep it open for Goonies fans.


VA's got your back, veterans.

CRACKED THE VA IS OFFERING FREE MEDICAL CARE TO VETERANS IN CRISIS, WHETHER THEY'RE ENROLLED OR NOT. The VA is offering free emergency medical care to veterans in a suicidal crisis, even if they're not enrolled. 18 million vets could get up to 30 days inpatient or residential care, plus 90 days of outpatient care.


University of Birmingham turns CO2 into CO, cutting steelmaking's emissions by nearly 90%.

CRACKED RESEARCHERS FOUND A WAY TO REDUCE STEELMAKING'S CARBON FOOTPRINT BY ALMOST 90%. Scientists at the University of Birmingham created a new method for furnaces that could cut steelmaking's CO2 emissions by 90%. It uses coke to turn iron ore into metal, emitting lots of CO2. But the tech turns the CO2 into carbon monoxide that can be reused.

The Next Web 

Dreams come true, two at a time.

CRACKED A MARYLAND MAN GRADUATED COLLEGE ALONG WITH HIS MOM, MAKING GOOD ON AN OLD PROMISE. A mom and son from Maryland graduated college together, fulfilling a promise Immanuel made to Carolyn when he was 5. Не said, I remember I just told my mom ... one day, it's gonna be you and me. We're going to get our degrees at the same time. ire. gratulations! ! نينا lic Glückwü m •Felic ci


History made: the first female speaker of the Navajo Nation Council was appointed.

CRACKED CRYSTALYNE CURLEY MADE HISTORY BY BECOMING THE 25TH SPEAKER OF THE NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL. Crystalyne Curley, 37, is the first woman to lead the Navajo Nation Council; she represents Tachíí/Blue Gap, Many Farms, Nazlini, Tséláni/Cottonwood, Low Mountain.

Navajo Times 

OnlyFans: the housing solution?

CRACKED ONE ONLYFANS STAR IS USING HER MONEY TO BE A HERO TO THE LESS FORTUNATE. Rebecca Goodwin is using her £100,000 monthly earnings from OF to buy eight houses to rent to low-income families for cheap, helping people struggling with the cost of living crisis.


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