13 Trivia Tidbits So Novel, They've Remained Unknown To 99% Of All The Humans Who Have Ever Lived

13 Trivia Tidbits So Novel, They've Remained Unknown To 99% Of All The Humans Who Have Ever Lived

As the world continues to evolve and progress, we are seeing more and more changes in the way people interact with each other, the environment, and the world around them. From changes in the way employers treat their employees, to the fight against invasive species, to the preservation of untouched land, it's clear that the world is changing for the better. 

This list is a testament to the progress we have made. It highlights the ways in which people are standing up for their rights and fighting for a better world. From employees getting the last word in severance negotiations, to Japan raising the age of consent, to REI phasing out “forever chemicals”, to a missing child being found safe, to the success of a four-day work week trial, to the development of a way to make American chestnut trees resistant to blight.

These stories are a reminder that, even in the face of adversity, progress is possible. We can make a difference, and we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

Saved for good, hopefully.

CRACKED 26 SPECIES SAVED FROM EXTINCTION IN AUSTRALIA. Thanks to the hard work of government agencies, conservation groups, and Indigenous land managers, 26 species of Australian wildlife have been saved from the brink of extinction. These include mammals, birds, frogs, reptiles, and fish.


Saved and preserved.

CRACKED FLORIDA TOWN RAISES $10 MILLION TO PRESERVE 44 ACRES OF UNTOUCHED LAND. The people of Dunedin, Florida, joined forces to raise an impressive $10 million to purchase the 44-acre Gladys E. Douglas Preserve. It has 143 native plant species, 11 of which are endangered, threatened, or exploited. D.NÉON Gladys E. Douglas Preserve Hours 7 am Sunset No Overright Parking Help Protect Nature! The following any provided le the park Alcohol Golf Carts Smoking Bicycles Dogs Including

Tampa Bay 

Putin's power play backfires.

CRACKED PUTIN'S WAR LEADS TO EUROPE GOING GREEN IN 2022. The war in Ukraine has led the European Union to reduce its use of Russian fossil fuels and increase its use of renewable energy sources. This has resulted in wind and solar sources producing more electricity than gas in 2022.

AP News / BBVA 

Surviving marriage and war, one year in.

CRACKED LOVE CONQUERS ALL, EVEN WAR. A Ukrainian couple that got married the same day Russia started a full-scale attack on their country celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Despite the war still going on, the couple has stayed strong and grown even closer together.


Outrageous mistreatment.

CRACKED STUDENTS FIGHT BACK AGAINST ADMIN MISTREATMENT AT CONNECTICUT COLLEGE. The Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion at Connecticut College resigned after feeling mistreated by the admin. This sparked outrage, and students united to support the Division of Institutional Equity and Inclusion against the admin.

College Voice 

Found, but questions remain.

CRACKED A KID WAS FOUND SAFE AFTER 8 MONTHS OF WANDERING. An 8-year-old boy, Breadson John, was found safe after being missing for 8 months. Не had disappeared from Washington state in June 2022, and it's still a mystery how he ended up in Missouri.

NBC / Columbian 

BBC / Japan Times

CRACKED REI IS FINALLY CATCHING UP TO THE TIMES. In 2022, REI said it would no longer carry items with forever chemicals used in waterproof clothing and camping cookware, and it asked its suppliers to do the same. REI wants all the cookware and apparel it sells to be free of PFAS by 2024.


Employees: 1, employers: 0.

CRACKED EMPLOYEES GET THE LAST WORD IN SEVERANCE NEGOTIATIONS. Employers now can't include clauses in severance agreements that prevent laid-off employees from discussing their job with others. This gives employees more power in severance negotiations and could have a big impact.

CNN / Forbes 

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