15 Positive News Stories That Made Us Smile For The First Time In A Fortnight

15 Positive News Stories That Made Us Smile For The First Time In A Fortnight

Ah, the good news stories of the world. It's amazing to see how much progress we can make when we put our minds to it. From free meals for kids in Minnesota, to reuniting Ukrainian children with their families, to the generosity of anonymous donors and heroic acts that get rewarded, it's clear that the world is filled with people who care about each other. And it's not just people -- we're seeing animals, start-ups, and even electric cars making a difference. 

It's inspiring to see how people are coming together to make the world a better place. We can all learn a lot from these stories, and it's heartening to know that, even when faced with difficult circumstances, we can still find ways to help others and make a difference. So, without further ado, let's take a look at fifteen of the most fuzzy, heartwarming stories of the past month.

Electric cars: the new inhaler (kinda).

CRACKED ELECTRIC CARS ARE ALREADY HAVING A POSITIVE EFFECT ON CALIFORNIA'S HEALTH. For every 1,000 people in a certain zip code, 20 electric cars can lead to a 3.2% decrease in asthma-related trips to the emergency room, according to a new University of Southern California. NiSSAN

Electrek / NPR 

Investors are suing Shell for not being green enough.

CRACKED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, CORPORATE BIGWIGS ARE BEING HELD PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CLIMATE STRATEGY. A group of institutional investors and pension funds, who own more than 12 million of Shell's 7 billion shares, are backing the lawsuit. Pension funds like the Swedish national pension fund AP3 are all in support of the legal claim. RDS 3 6LTA 3.25 at a Trc LISTED rretti NYSE Dup Inc


98% of people said 'no' to coal.

CRACKED AUSTRALIA DENIED THE BUILDING OF A COAL MINE UNDER NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS. 98% of 9,000 public comments opposed a coal project near Rockhampton, citing risks to the Great Barrier Reef, creeks and groundwater. The Capricorn Conservation Council, who fought the mine, celebrated the decision. I SONI I


Generous Powerball winner donates entire prize to charity.

A POWERBALL WINNER IN SOUTH CAROLINA DONATED HIS ENTIRE $150,000 PRIZE TO CHARITY. CRACKED They chose to remain totally anonymous and not pay taxes on the winnings. I hit enough to make someone happy, he said. POWER BALL LOTTERY - DOUBLE PLAY POWERPLAY 1 Number of consecutive drawings Select the number of consecutive drawings, up to 20 in advance 2 5 6 تر 10 12 15 18 20 Add Power Play? Add Double Play? YES 2 Select your numbers per PLAY or QUICK PICK (QP) These are the five white ball numbers and the Powerball number lect Five PLAY A


A midnight escape artist.

CRACKED A RESCUE DOG ADOPTED FROM A TEXAS ANIMAL SHELTER WENT MISSING FROM HER NEW HOME. Amazingly, she showed up at the shelter's doorbell at 1:15 AM - 10 miles from her home. The founder was shocked, as we probably all would be, that the dog managed to find her way back.


Cat's story goes viral, leading to all shelter cats being adopted.

CRACKED WHEN A 'TOO AFFECTIONATE' CAT WAS RETURNED TO AN NJ ANIMAL SHELTER, HIS STORY WENT VIRAL. Не was eventually adopted by a local couple. The story doesn't end there - the overwhelming response also helped get nearly all of the remaining cats at the shelter adopted.

North Jersey 

Brazil takes a stand against deforestation.

CRACKED DEFORESTATION IN BRAZIL'S AMAZON DROPPED BY 61% COMPARED TO THE PREVIOUS YEAR. This was the lowest rate for the month in the last eight years. The Brazilian government took action against illegal logging with raids led by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.


Someone's feeling rosy.

CRACKED A TEACHER IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY TOOK HIS 3-YEAR-OLD SON TO GET A MANICURE. This happened after his teacher said that painting nails was just for girls, so dad decided to show that, no, it was not. Apparently, Ashton was so excited and shouted I want pink! before getting his nails done.


Two people were rewarded for their heroic act with a Super Bowl trip.

CRACKED A BUFFALO, NY, COUPLE GOT TICKETS TO THE SUPERBOWL FOR RESCUING A MAN IN A BLIZZARD. They rescued the man on Christmas Eve. To show appreciation, the NFL and Delta Airlines flew them to Arizona, and JetBlue and The Vacationeer gave their kids a four-day Disney World trip. SUPER BOWL LVII SUPER BOWL LVII ARIZONA ARIZONA NEMEN NFL NFL


Someone anonymously donated $30 million to help those affected by the earthquakes.

CRACKED A GENEROUS ANONYMOUS DONOR GAVE BIG TO THOSE IN NEED IN TURKEY. A Pakistani-born guy in the US, who didn't want to be named, gave $30 million to people affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, according to Pakistan's Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

The Guardian 

Ukraine reunites with its children.

CRACKED UKRAINE HAS SUCCESSFULLY BROUGHT BACK 128 CHILDREN WHO WERE FORCIBLY TAKEN TO RUSSIA. Over 50 kids, plus their families, are in Europe now. The Ukrainian authorities are continually searching for ways to bring more children back to Ukraine with the help of a large number of people.


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