15 Happy Headlines That Distracted Us From The Doom, The Gloom, And Whatever Elon Musk Is Up To

15 Happy Headlines That Distracted Us From The Doom, The Gloom, And Whatever Elon Musk Is Up To

Ah, the year 2023! It's kind of been a wild ride so far, and it's only getting crazier. From the legalization of marijuana in Illinois to the end of conversion therapy in Utah, the world is changing faster than ever. We've seen Michael Jordan give an incredible donation to Make-A-Wish, a British couple get an unexpected windfall from the High Court, and a Ukrainian family finally reunited after nearly a decade. And that's just the beginning. 

Let's take a look at some of the most interesting developments of the past few months. We've got a Universal Basic Income experiment in Chicago, a revolutionary gene therapy helping a 19-month-old in the UK, a chance for prior offenders to join the legal marijuana business in New Jersey, a Powerball winner donating every penny of his winnings to charity, and a TikTok video giving a family restaurant a much-needed boost. It's been an incredible few months, and it looks like the future is only getting brighter. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Polio: still a problem in some places.

CRACKED POLIO'S BACK-BUT THE WHO'S GOT A PLAN. The World Health Organization started an urgent plan to give 33 million kids in five countries in Africa the polio vaccine. This was because the virus had spread to Malawi and Mozambique, even though it had been mostly stopped in other places.

AP / Unicef 

It's a start.

CRACKED AFTER NEARLY A DECADE, 16 UKRAINIAN KIDS WERE FINALLY REUNITED WITH THEIR FAMILIES. Since 2014, Russia has sent away more than 16,000 Ukrainian kids. In February 2023, 16 of these kids were able to go back to their families in Kyiv thanks to the help of the Save Ukraine charity. RadioFreeEurope RadioLiberty OLOGICAL 2000 SEMINARY ОК LA


Weed-repreneurship blossoms in NJ.

CRACKED IN NEW JERSEY, PRIOR OFFENDERS GET A CHANCE TO CASH IN ON LEGAL WEED. In New Jersey, people with prior marijuana convictions have been given the chance to join the legal marijuana business and make money to take care of their families. 16% of all marijuana licenses have been given to them.


Divided loyalties?

CRACKED A BRIT LEFT HIS WIFE OUT OF HIS WILL, BUT THE HIGH COURT SAID 'NOT so FAST.' An 83-year-old man from the UK's West Midlands left his two sons with a million-pound inheritance, but the High Court swooped in and ruled that his wife of 66 years should get half of it. The The Royal Royal Courts Courts of of Justice Justice


MJ: generous and legendary.

CRACKED MICHAEL JORDAN: STILL DUNKING, STILL GIVING. For his 60th birthday, Michael Jordan gave an amazing $10 million to Make-A-Wish, the biggest donation ever from one person. He's been granting wishes to kids around the world since 2008. NAME WAN 2020 adidas G


Utah: late to the party.

CRACKED UTAH FINALLY ENDS CONVERSION THERAPY. In February 2023, Utah made it illegal for therapists to do LGBTQ conversion therapy, with Equality Utah supporting the law and providing guidelines for therapists.


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