12 Hopeful Developments (That May Actually Be Signs Of A Dystopian Future)

Well, son. It’s time we had a talk about the birds and the pollination drones.
12 Hopeful Developments (That May Actually Be Signs Of A Dystopian Future)

Across the globe, there are countless life-changing innovations in the works. Incredibly interesting stuff like alternative energy sources, disaster relief drones, and half robot/half frog embryo stem cells are pushing technology forward, but when we look a little closer, they’re kind of terrifying. A lot of the science behind this technology has us wondering what kind of world these eggheads imagine for us. Are they just submitting to the many possible dystopian futures, and working to prepare us for it?! What do they know?!

Don’t get us wrong, we nerds love a solid technological advancement. And these are all great! They definitely address a need, and provide hope for the future, but let’s think of the context here. Just because a machine can absorb CO2 and pump out clean air, does it really need to be out there replacing trees? Anything that helps eliminate excess CO2 is pretty awesome, but this and many other advancements have us asking, “What is this all leading to?” These 12 “hopeful” things are possibly preparing us for dystopia, so let’s read between the lines, shall we?

When there’s nothing left on Earth… Look to the sand.

SAND BATTERIES. Finnish engineers have found a way to turn sand into a giant battery by cramming 100 tons of it into a 4 x 7 meter steel drum. In a Mad Max-esque future, we'll need these sand batteries for sure. CRACKED


Amphibious hybrid robots.

ROBOTS MADE FROM FROG STEM CELLS. Millimeter-sized robots made from frog embryo stem cells could be used to swim around our bodies to detect diseases, or gather microplastic in the oceans. They're neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal... no one's ever gone wrong playing God! CRACKED


Well, now we know where to look for fresh water!

FUTURE WATER WARS. After South Africa's Cape Town almost completely ran out of fresh water, The Nature Conservancy helped hoard two months worth of water. What happens when multiple cities run out and start duking it out for fresh water supplies? STOW HALF FULL GRACKED

Nature / YouTube 

Gather ‘round kids. Time to talk about the birds and the pollination drones.

BEE SIZED POLLINATION DRONES. In 2016, the U.S. lost 44% of all honeybee colonies. Eijiro Miyako has designed an insect-sized drone designed for artificial pollination. Does this mean we're just giving up on the bees? Also, insect-sized drones seem pretty ideal for surveillance. CRACKED


We love nature as much as the next guy, but this is a bit much.

GIVING HUMAN RIGHTS TO NATURE. To protect biodiversity, Ireland is working to give nature the same rights as people. So your stone better skip all the way across that pond, or you might be liable for drowning the stone and face life in prison! CRACKED


Tigers next door? What could go wrong?

BIG CAT NEIGHBORS. Asian tigers and leopards are defying 12,000 years of extinction trends by thriving alongside human populations. Paint your door red, and you face being eaten by a member of the H.O.A! GRACKED


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