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'Brazilian Waxing' Became Popular Because Pubic Hair is Legally Too Sexy

It’s like if cleavage was outlawed, so everyone started getting horny about turtlenecks.


The Brutal Battle of Chuck E. Cheese v. ShowBiz Pizza

It's the 'Game of Thrones' of third-rate pizza.


The Creepiest Dish In French Cuisine (Is Eating A Lil' Bird In One Bite)

The ortolan is a small songbird that’s considered a French delicacy, but it ain’t no chicken.


Anatoly Slivko, the Terrifying Soviet Necrophiliac Serial Killer

He was like a Soviet Hannibal Lecter, though he sucked at it.


The (Accident Riddled) History Of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is an absurd helium-filled mess.


5 Randos That Proved To Be Unkillable When Faced With Certain Death

They store down Death. Death blinked.


14 Facts About Marijuana To Blaze Upon

It's 4:20 somewhere.


One Of America's Most Nightmarish Monsters Was A Nice Old Lady

Meet Georgia Tann: adoption advocate, kindly senior, and ghoul who stole 5,000 children.


Eye Rolling Was Your Grandparents' DTF Sign

As comical as that sounds, we scrunch up half of our faces as we close one eye to express the same thing today, so we can’t exactly talk.


18 Amazing People Too Many Of Us Haven't Heard Of

These folks had a bigger impact than we could have possibly imagined.


Georgia O'Keeffe Hated People Thinking Her Flower Paintings Are 'Vaginas'

Naturally, the person responsible for making sure everyone perverted O’Keeffe’s pretty flowers was a man.


5 Of The Weirdest Things (That Managed To Happen Twice)

Life is random. Which means some things don't feel random at all.


Meet Crazy Eddie, The Least Boring Grifter In American History

His prices were almost as insane as his, well, decades of corporate malfeasance.