15 Ridiculous Pieces Of Merch Targeted At Gullible Superfans

15 Ridiculous Pieces Of Merch Targeted At Gullible Superfans

Ah, the power of pop culture. It's everywhere, from the latest fashion trends to the latest gadgets, and it has a way of infiltrating our lives in unexpected ways. We've all seen the t-shirts, the mugs, the keychains -- but what about the truly unique and bizarre items that have been released over the years, and that cost a fortune? 

From Seth Rogen's LA oasis to John Romero's head on a pike, here's a list of 15 of the strangest and least explicably priced pieces of merch inspired by our favorite movies, TV shows, and video games. Some of these items are just plain silly, while others are a bit more sensible. But no matter what, they all have one thing in common: they're all products of pop culture, and they're all sure to make your wallet noticeably lighter. So if you're looking for a way to express your fandom and your gullibility in a unique and unusual way, look no further! Here are 15 of the most flagrantly overpriced pieces of merch inspired by our favorite movies, TV shows, and video games. Enjoy!

Well, you can't live forever and prosper.

CRACKED JAMES TIBERIUS KIRK STARIONS 58013 10002.53 TO BOLOLS a STAR TREK: OFFICIAL URNS You can get an official Star Trek urn for your ashes, endorsed by StarTrek.com. It's made of composite materials with a stainless steel faceplate, with your name and an inscription - only $799.

Cool Things 

The perfect toy: no assembly required.

CRACKED TMA-2 IT'S FULL + STARS Association 2001:a space odyssey MONOLITH ACTION FIGURE ZERO POINTS OF ARTICULATION Kubrick 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY: A PLASTIC BRICK The 2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith Action Figure is a solid plastic block, just like the monolith in the movie. It won't move, but it might cause strange magnetic fields, action figure evolution, seeing things filled with stars, apparently.


Rambo's last stand: the merchandise edition.

CRACKED RAMBO THERMOS RAMBO: THE FINAL METAL LUNCH BOX In 1985, Thermos made the last metal lunch box: the Rambo lunch box, with Sylvester Stallone on the front and back, and camouflage sides. After that, lunch boxes became wimpy, ordinary plastic.

American History 

Dune: the educational activities must flow.

CRACKED DUNE: MATH PROBLEMS The 1984 Dune movie had a huge marketing push, including coloring and activity books with 44 pages of wild scenes, 60 pages of puzzles and games, mazes, paper dolls, word puzzles, and most excitingly, math problems.

Open Culture 

Could anything be more Star Trek-ish than this? We can't imagine it, if so.

CRACKED STAR TREK NFTS In 2022, Paramount released Star Trek NFTs for $250 per pack. Each pack contains one ship, with only an 11% chance of being the Enterprise. To guarantee a cool ship, you can buy the Admiral pack, but you need to buy the Recur pass first, which costs at least $290.

The Verge / Fandom 

Be the envy of the galaxy with the limited edition Rogue One SUV.

CRACKED STAR WARS: A NISSAN SUV Nissan released a special Rogue SUV in 2017, the Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Edition. It had Sith Black or Storm Trooper White paint, black rims and trim, plus Rogue One branding inside. Only 5,400 were made, and it was not a terribly good car at all.

Auto Revolution 

Be like Neo, but with better reception.

CRACKED NOKIA THE MATRIX: A CELL PHONE The Samsung SPH-n270 looked just like the phone from The Matrix, but with regular phone features. It had a pop-up release like the Nokia 8110, ran on Sprint PCS networks, and had 15 preloaded tones. It was a Matrix Reloaded tie-in with a hefty $500 price.

Cnet / Uproxx 

Outlaw essentials: from t-shirts to barrel candles.

CRACKED RED DEAR II REDEMPTION RED PEARTI RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2: CANDLES AND STUFF The Outlaw Essentials Collection has typical Red Dead Redemption 2 merch, like t-shirts, pins, phone cases, and keychains, plus some 3D puzzles. If you're feeling flush, you can get a barrel candle for $99, or two other types for $79.99 and $49.99.


Scent-sational heroes (we know, sorry, we had to).

CRACKED 25th ANNIVERSARY EAU DE TOILETTE SIDNAZARD DIONAZARD YIONAZARD 250 Anniversary 250 Anniversary DE Anniversary LEON CHRIS JILL S.KENNEDY REDFIELD VALENTINE LXIX SULT DEL TOLETTE RESIDENT EVIL: PERFUME To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil, a line of themed perfumes was released by Capcom, inspired by Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine, popular characters from the series. A set of three bottles cost around $48.50.


Cut dinner like a Jedi Knight!

CRACKED STAR WARS: X-WING KNIFE BLOCK If you're a big Star Wars fan, you need to get the X-Wing Knife Block (not). It's a hunk of plastic that looks just like the Rebel Starfighter (wait, it does not) and comes with 5 stainless steel knives. It's only £209.99, or $253.


John Romero's head on a pike: now available in limited edition pewter.

CRACKED 25-1993 2018 LOLIL ohn Romero, Music by Buckethea ademark by Romero GamesLtd. stributed by Limited Run Games All Rights Reserved DOOM: SIGIL BEAST BOX The SIGIL Beast Box is a limited edition item that includes a USB drive with SIGIL (new levels for the original DOOM), a booklet, an art print, a coin, a pewter statue, a T-shirt, and stickers, all signed and numbered... for only $428 plus shipping.


Simpsons-inspired luxury?

CRACKED tHe SIMPSONS TM THe SUMPSONS THE SIMPSONS' BALENCIAGA COLLAB Balenciaga's Simpsons collaboration has tees, hats, hoodies, keychains and more, from $260 to $2,450. Really, something for everyone, if you have $260+ for everyday accessories - but hey, if you think that's too much, you could get the t-shirt for $650.


Rent Seth Rogen's LA oasis for just $42.

CRACKED Makes SETH ROGEN'S AIRBNB Seth Rogen created a space filled with his own handmade ceramics and is offering an overnight stay in Los Angeles for only $42 a night in partnership with Airbnb. It's a chance to experience artistic revelation and relaxation.

USA Today 

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