WHAT IF: Recasting The Office Today

As if Angela would be able to resist Black Phillip.
WHAT IF: Recasting The Office Today

Welcome to ComedyNerd, Cracked's new deep dive series on funny business. Today's topic: our dream casting of a modern Office reboot. (Also, the ComedyNerd newsletter just launched. Sign up here.)

The Office is a cultural touchstone that launched the careers of multiple comedic actors. But what if those actors... were other actors? That would be CRAZY! And just to feed that imagination, here's who I think they should be:

Michael Scott CRACKED.COM Taika Waititi The goofy but endearing energy Waititi has brought to roles like Viago in What We Do in the Shadows would transfer perfectly to Michael Scott.
Jim Halpert CRACKEDG .COM Lakeith Stanfield Stanfield has the perfect extremely deadpan but still expressive energy to portray the nihilistic, chaotic boredom of Jim Halpert.
Dwight Schrute CRACKED.co COM Mike Smith And no, it's not the glasses. It's the ability to go from regular weirdo to furious, panicking weirdo and back perfectly.
Pam Beasley GRACKED.COM Olivia Thirlby She has that energy of I'm a great employee, but I will also find things that hurt the business secretly hilarious.
Creed Bratton CRACKEDO .COM Tig Notaro Tig already looks like the person working at your office that secretly has a story about doing DMT with Phish's drummer.
Roy CRACKED.COM Dave Bautista Let's raise the stakes on Jim's moves on Pam a little bit. You still feelin' frisky, little paper man?
Darryl CRACKED.com Danny McBride Funniest guy at the warehouse is pretty spot-on for McBride. Maybe swap the keyboard for a six-string electric bass.
Angela CRACKED.co Anya Taylor Joy Just channel the religious energy of her role in The VVitch and throw a sensible blouse over it.
Andy Bernard CRACKEDed CONT William Jackson Harper Find me somebody who'd look better in a sweater vest, sport jacket and khakis.
Toby CRACKED.com COM Mark Proksch Proksch actually DID have a small role in The Office, but after his work as Colin in What We Do In The Shadows, he deserves more.
Kevin CRACKEDO .COM John Carroll Lynch The energy of the Kevin we know in love, with a little extra flavor in that he kinda seems like he MIGHT be the Zodiac killer?
Stanley CRACKED .COM Danny Glover I mean, come on. He INVENTED being too old for this #!$&.


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