18 Greatest Oldies in the Pop Culture Retirement Home

We almost want to hit retirement age already to be here with all these old-timers.
18 Greatest Oldies in the Pop Culture Retirement Home

Age is coming for you. It comes for all of us. If you plan on staying alive, your reward is getting older. But just because you’re getting old, it doesn’t mean you have to go to the glue factory. Sure, there are plenty of moldy oldies in life that complain and worry about getting soup before 3:00pm, but our generation has had inspiring role models via popular culture that we can lean onto and learn from for when we get wrinkled.

There are several seniors in movies and television shows that can inspire us in terms of attitude and action for when we grow into their age range. Sure, we may not be force sensitive or a dream-based meadow that personified into Stephen Fry, but we sure as hell can try when we’re in the old folks home.

Here are some of the most fun, inspiring, or just plain badass old people from pop culture that we can learn a thing or two from (ya whippersnappers!).

The Golden Girls

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME THE GOLDEN GIRLS Rose is a sweetheart, Blanche can have her way with any man in the home, and Dorothy and Sofia can be the human versions of Statler and Waldorf. CRACKED.COM


POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME Star Wars YODA This 900-year-old Jedi is not only wise, but also spry enough to jump around to play tennis, tetherball, and even high impact sports that retirement centers wouldn't even consider. Makes one wonder what he even needs a cane for. CRACKED.COM

Olenna Tyrell

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME Game of Thrones OLENNA TYRELL We won't have to worry about A/C at the retirement home, because Lady Olenna will throw enough shade for everyone. We dare you to cross her during a game of bridge, let alone a Game of Thrones. CRACKED.COM

Statler and Waldorf

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME The Muppets STATLER AND WALDORF These guys have to be there in order to provide commentary on the food, the orderlies, the shuffleboard games, and whatever the hell they see. CRACKED.COM


POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME PLA Futurama MOM Mom's not gonna be anyone's tool and is likely running some form of illegal business out of the home, but is smart enough to pay the staff enough hush money to just let it go. She will throw things t you though, no matter what. CRACKED.COM

Leroy Smith

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME Tekken LEROY SMITH Every retirement home needs an asskicker, and Leroy can flatter anyone's ass into pancake batter, arthritis be damned. Just ask anyone in EVO who had to play against him in Tekken 7 tournament play. CRACKED.COM


POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME The Lord of the Rings GANDALF Ol' 'Dalf can be a nice smoking buddy with other residents, willing to go on hikes with them, and then there's the whole magic thing that he can do to entertain or defend against prowlers. CRACKED.COM

Dr. Emmett Brown

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME Back to the Future DR. EMMETT BROWN Every retirement home needs an eccentric ideas man. Just be sure that his eccentricity isn't mistaken for insanity. CRACKED.COM


POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME James Bond M If you get a few drinks in her, M could tell war stories while venting about being James Bond's surrogate mother. Another badass granny that could kill you if you dare touch her Precious Moments figurines. CRACKED.COM

Joseph Joestar

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME JoJo's Bizarre Adventure JOSEPH JOESTAR The guy has traveled the world living so many, well, bizarre adventures that he'd keep us mesmerized for hours with stories. And he can always use Hermit Purple to fix the TVs in the complex. CRACKED.COM

Uncle Iroh

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME Avatar: The Last Airbender UNCLE IROH Iroh has a cheery demeanor and is always game for а, well, game. Also, he definitely has some dark Fire Nation stories to share if you give him the right tea. CRACKED.COM


POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME The Sandman GILBERT Being a sentient meadow, visiting Gilbert would be a smashing good time ,as he'd smell of fresh grass and trees rather than old man stink. Plus, you shouldn't mess with a man with a sword cane at any age. CRACKED.COM
POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME Hey Arnold! GRANDMA GERTIE Enthusiasm, thy name is Grandma Gertie. Young in spirit but old in everything else, she can add some wildcard vibes to the retirement home. CRACKED.COM

Madame Foster

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends MADAME FOSTER We all need that fun granny in our lives, and Madame Foster is it. She'd be a hoot to visit, plus whenever she's bored she can think up a new friend to socialize with, so she'll never be lonely. CRACKED.COM

Carl Fredricksen

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME OPERY Up 126m CARL FREDRICKSEN You can never have too many loveable curmudgeons, and Carl is the textbook version. Не can influence other retiree residents to seek adventure (or at least pet his dog). CRACKED.COM

Bruce Wayne

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME Batman Beyond BRUCE WAYNE He'd probably spend most of his time locked in his room with his dog, but Wayne would ensure that this retirement home is the most state-of-the-art one of all time, both in care and in security. Just leave his pills at the door and don't make eye contact. CRACKED.COM

Alfred Pennyworth

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME DC Comics ALFRED PENNYWORTH Poor Alfie has done so much during his time working with Master Wayne that he deserves two retirements. Aside from providing dry wit to the home, Wayne would likely fund and provide any need the home has to keep Alfred happy. CRACKED.COM

Old Man Logan

POP CULTURE RETIREMENT HOME THE LAST RONIN PAAT 5 THE MARK MILLAR - ST M LO LOGAN AND HAWKIYE MEET THE NEW KINGPIN OF CRIME OLD MAN LOGAN#1 MARVEL .. com MADE BOX um nica - Marvel - OLD MAN LOGAN OLD MAN LOGAN B the oldsters is to protect home, it's gotta going be the oldest one. Logan can just ١:: If someone pop a claw into any disorderly orderly that dares to steal anyone's sweater or medication. CRACKED.COM
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