21 Times Hollywood Actually Got The Science Right

It turns out Hollywood occasionally manages not to break the laws of physics.
21 Times Hollywood Actually Got The Science Right

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If you've been reading the site for a while, you know we're always pointing out ways Hollywood messes up smart stuff like science. We decided to shake things up and look for examples where movies and shows got their science surprisingly right.

Whether they hired experts, paid attention in science class, or just stumbled into the right thing, these movie- and showmakers somehow managed to crank out scientifically accurate content.

21 Times Hollywood Actually Got The Science Right
Spiderwebs do have enough tensile strength to stop a moving train. In the famous train scene from Spider-Man 2, it is estimated that the silks are sub
People who suffer from amnesia don't forget who they are, but have difficulties creating new memories. DRUSDEALER FACTS: Fact B rficense 6: num Clinic
21 Times Hollywood Actually Got The Science Right
The black hole effects in Interstellar were based on equations by theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. The black hole the team created is a twisting, com
IN THE MOVIE SEVEN POUNDS, WILL WILL SMTH SMITH SEVEN POUNDS COMMITS SUICIDE BY JELLYFISH. Chironex fleckeri is a species of box jellyfish known as th
In Deep Impact, a tsunami that looks like a giant hill of water swallows NYC. That's exactly what a tsunami near shore would look like- not like a plu
CRACKEDcO SyFy's The Expanse actually got gravity and Einstein's General Relativity right. In space, you won't see a person standing or walking normal
In Finding Dory, Hank the octopus can blend in perfectly with his surroundings. He changes color and contorts his body so that he's practically invisi
21 Times Hollywood Actually Got The Science Right
The hierarchy displayed by the hyenas in The Lion King is based on real hyena traits. The trio of the spotted hyenas is led by Shenzi, the female one.
While most of the science in Breaking Bad isn't completely on point, Walt's plan to cut through a heavy duty lock with thermite is scientifically corr
In Finding Nemo, Bruce the shark cries about not meeting his father. E never knew my father! Pregnant female sharks avoid male sharks as much as possi
The filmmakers behind Contagion consulted real life epidemiologistsa and disaster experts. They based the movie's fictional MEV-1 virus on the real Ni
The Wizard of Oz It IS possible for a twister to lift up an entire house.
21 Times Hollywood Actually Got The Science Right
CRACKED COM In Black Panther, a society living near a meteorite crash site quickly advances thanks to a rare metal from the meteorite. That's happened
In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Quill exposes himself to open space for a few seconds and survives. That's not just because he's a superhero. Animal studie
When Miles Morales electrocutes Peter Parker, his nervous system glows instead of his skeleton. SSPIDERMA INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Nerves conduct electri
In Baywatch, Zac Efron and The Rock carry two refrigerators, each. Ridiculous, right? Not really. Refrigerators are largely made up of empty space, so
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