34 Boss Behind-the-Scenes Factoids


The movie itself is only a portion of the imagination when we talk about outstanding films. The truth is that there was a alot of exciting stuff going on in the background that regular viewers might not see. But fortunately for us, some inquisitive individuals were able to unearth these mysteries and also share these with the rest of the world.

There is a lot of labor that goes into movies that you probably aren't aware of. All of it comes together to make our favorite movies classics, from Easter eggs to little elements included for accuracy to bizarre behind-the-scenes work.

With that in mind, we asked our readers to scour the web for bizarre movie tidbits to help you become the coolest person at the next party you attend. Then we realized it was April Fool's Day, so we all started making nonsense instead. Below is the (totally fictitious) winner, but first, the runners-up...

Entry by Danzy

Three different Cairn Terriers had to be used to play Toto in The Wizard of Oz. The finst two away. of ran OnE them showed back Up On the MGM lot two

Entry by mrlarry

CRACKED The apples in the Wizard of Oz were originally green, original as described in the novel, however they didn't show up well on film. There wasn

Entry by Danzy

You may already know that Orson Welles voiced The Shadow on the hit radio program. But did you know that he wanted to bring the pulp hero to the silve

Entry by luvthecubs

CRACKED.COM The original screenwriter for 1988's DIE HARD was So anti-gun that the original script had various sworDs as the only weapons used in th

Entry by AzISeeIt

RANGO- Early rehearsal footage, with Johnny Depp and cast Originally intended to be a live-action film most of Rango was already shot when someone (no

Entry by Rquizzle

Director Paul Feig originally approached Nicole Snooki Polizzi about a role as a possible Ghostbuster in hiS upcoming reboot. CRACKED.COM

Entry by Rutledal

Nicolas Cage actually learnt to speak Navajo fluently for his part in Windtalkers, this despite the fact that his character in the film does not. Cage


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