26 Miscast Actors

This is what happens when you cast the exact wrong person in a major role.
26 Miscast Actors

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie or TV show and just thought, “Something’s not right here”? The plot seems fine, the script is good, it’s well-produced, but for some reason you just aren’t into it. You just can’t shake this feeling and you aren’t buying whatever the show or film is trying to sell you. 

Usually this is because the wrong actor was cast for a major role. It’s not that the actor isn’t talented or bad. They’re just wrong, and that wrongness bleeds into all the other parts of what you’re trying to enjoy. If that one role would have gone to someone else, it would have changed everything.

We asked some Cracked readers to provide us with their best examples of roles that were filled in by the wrong actor and, boy, you all didn’t disappoint. Here are some of the top ones we’ve received. So don't just sit there…get scrolling!

Andrew Garfield was completely wrong for the role of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man. Garfield is way too cool, handsome and naturally charming
Christian Bale was a decent Batman, but a bad Bruce Wayne, Bale has a very intense acting style, and that translated well into playing Batman. However
one tree hill At the beginning of the series, Lucas Scott is a shy, unpopular outsider who is unnoticed and unattractive to school girls. So the serie
CRACKEDGOR COM X-MEN Jennifer Lawrence doesn't sound like a strong character. Whenever she gives a pep talk or tries to sound powerful, she comes acro
John Malkovich oozes cunning and intelligence so it was hard to believe him as the guileless, mentally chal- lenged Lennie in 1992's Of Mice and Men.
Stephen King's Carrie CRACKED COM White is the epitome of a teen loser, easy target practice for bullies. Chloe Grace Moretz is far too Charming to pl
Arthur Conan Doyle's description of Sherlock Holmes included: A HAWK-LIKE NOSE TALL LEAN How did it make sense to cast Robert Downey Jr.? BULBOUS NOSE
Guy Pearce was cast as Peter Weyland in 2012's Prometheus. Too young for the part, he wore old age makeup which made him look like the victim of a hor
1988's Rain Man saw Dustin Hoffman cast in the titular role. But even his overrated oscar-winning performance doesn't overcome the fact that he is vis
LONGEST THE YARD 8 Paul Crewe is a rugged and troubled ex-NFL player and SO they cast.... .Adam Sandler. A dumpy goofball who can't act. They should'v
H o PIGRIM THE ORLD Michael Cera may look like the titular hero of Bryan Lee OMalley's novels, but a flaming sword does not a badass make. He's certai
MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN Robert De Niro's face is so recognizable (even with the makeup) that it's hard to believe him as the iconic movie monster.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE just isn't creepy enough to be convincing as a murderous rapist- especially one who morphs into a demon, complete with
CRACKEDco COM Jake Gyllenhaal is talented a actor. But as the Prince of Persia he just looked goofy.
Orlando Bloom looks way too pretty and delicate to be portraying Balian in Kingdom of Heaven, who is supposed to be an intense character who takes no
CRACKED.COM SPIOER-AN3 Venom aka Eddie Brock is well- known for being brutal in the comic books... ...so it makes zero sense to see him portrayed by t
Moaning Myrtle (Shirley Henderson), the ghost of a teenager in the Harry Potter series looks and sounds at least 30 years old. Last we checked, ghosts
CRACKEDcO Vince Vaughn's portrayal of Norman Bates in the remake of Psycho was the opposite of that of a creepy murderer. Instead he looks like he is
Instead of being mischievous, Mike Myers plays The Cat in the Hat as someone who is annoying and unpleasant. Universal Studios Spewing pop culture ref
LA LA LAND is a homage to the golden age of Hollywood musicals. Too bad Emma Stone isn't a notable singer or dancer. CRACKED.COM
AVATAR SAM WORTHINGTON as Jake Sully Even if we set his terrible American accent aside... His character has more charisma and facial expression only w
TTE CRACKEDCO FUNTSTOMES Rosie O'Donnell, an actress known for playing loud characters, was chosen to portray the mild- mannered Betty. Unsurprisingly
INDR JOMES and the LAST CRUSADE Sean Connery looks too young to be Harrison Ford's dad and it makes no sense that they both have entirely different ac
HENRY CAVILL ISN'T LIKABLE ENOUGH TO BE A GOOD SUPERMAN Whenever there are scenes where he's supposed to be charming and inspiring, it just feels weir
The new Star 5TAR TREK INTO Trek films put DARKIESS some effort casting people that kind of look, act and sound like the original actors. Except for B
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