"Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga" Features Nobot, A Pregnant-Woman-Murdering Droid

"Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga" Features Nobot, A Pregnant-Woman-Murdering Droid

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga began triumphantly by giving Finn and Poe their gayest moment yet, then restored the balance in the force Disney continuity by rewarding players who maul kids via lightsaber, and has now gone full dark side by featuring Nobot, a droid with a past so messed up he got relegated to living in the desert planet of Noncanon – up until now.

At some point in the game, Qui Gon Jinn might enter a house where he finds a droid who just creepily stares at him before disappearing.

In a video game adaptation of a movie that makes some sense, players would likely find this strange, but this takes place in the segment dedicated to Episode 1, so chances are that everyone will accept just about anything as normal. That is a problem, as we shouldn't leave our guards down when in the vicinity of this thing. He doesn't do anything else in the game, but that's more than enough for us to know that's goddamn Nobot, the darkest of Star Wars droids.

HK-47 from Knights Of The Old Republic


Yes, darker than HK-47, the one whose only personality trait is “Enjoys murdering humans”

Meet Nobot, the ghost droid

Nobot in Episode 1


Definitely not the robot actor who played C3PO going incognito to make some extra space credits.

Nobot is a mysterious droid who can only communicate via playing the recording of a woman pleading for her life right before her death. The merchants of Tatooine claim he's the only witness to the murder of a pregnant woman because they're either dumb and don't see the fact that he appeared out of nowhere covered in blood as a possible indictment of something worse or are just too afraid to try to take him down. Nobot has garnered the reputation of being cursed or straight-up aligned with the dark side, but every attempt to destroy it has failed. The Star Wars legends canon says that he's cursed to forever roam Tatooine, but who's to say he hasn't just adopted the likeness of yet another droid, like, say, Padme's maternity doctor droid? Yeah, the one who convinces Obi-Wan that people can totally die just by losing their will to live?

GH-7 medical droid


I'm not the cause of death you're looking for.

Top Image: Disney


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